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Sussex Students' Union (SU) is going through an exciting time of change. We want to become the most student-centric SU around and for you -  our students - to feel that this SU is truly YOURS. You’re the reason we’re here, after all.

We want to be an SU that you feel empowered by and passionate about. These are the first steps in our new plan for change, called: Becoming Your Union.

Our Vision

We will be a Students’ Union that:

  • Puts students at the heart of everything we do
  • Is a place for everyone
  • Our students feel proud of

Sussex students will know that they can have a direct impact on the services offered, that they can effectively hold their representatives to account, and that they can actively shape decisions made within the University.

Through the SU, students can be part of significant change on issues they care about.

We’re changing the way we interact with students.

We’re focusing on issues that students care about.

We’re delivering the best possible services and representation.

We’re Becoming Your Union.

Becoming your Union: Programme Board Charter

The Programme Board (PB) is made up of a combination of Students’ Union (SU) elected officers and staff. The PB will be facilitated by the Director of Transformation and will report to the President and the CEO.

The PB has been formed to change the current structures and services of the SU to become more relevant, current and useful to students. Students will drive the change. Their thoughts, ideas and opinions will be key in shaping the SU into an organisation that not only helps students, but enhances their time at Sussex.

The PB and sub groups have already undertaken some consultation, but will be doing more work to hear what changes students would like to see.


The Five Strategic Pillars

We’ve been asking students what they think a Students’ Union should do really well, and that feedback has helped us create our Five Strategic Pillars. These pillars are areas that we’ll be focusing our efforts on to make sure the work we do is relevant and interesting to students.

  1. Your Employability
    Enhancing student employability

  2. Your Education
    Defending a quality education

  3. Your World
    Building sustainable communities and benefiting society
  4. Your Activities
    Supporting student activities and events
  5. Your Wellbeing
    Improving student life and wellbeing

The role of the PB is to put in place new organisational structures, procedures, finances and communications that will improve -


  1. Developing systems to increase student leadership and input into the running of our services and representation

  2. Reshaping our services and representation to align with our Five Pillars (guiding all the work we do) 

  3. Promoting a customer service culture


  1. Ensuring we are structured to enable us to become a digital SU, increasing the number of services available through our website and mobile platforms

  2. Freeing up capital and resources to improve the appearance, feel and accessibility of Falmer House - making it a truly fun and vibrant space and a proper student hub on campus

  3. Identifying opportunities to increase broad student engagement and participation across all SU services and opportunities


  1. Increasing the number of students working and volunteering in the SU

  2. Enhancing our Community Volunteering Scheme in partnership with the University 

  3. The creation of an Athletics Union

  4. Incorporate community organising methodology into all our representation and community work to enable students to make meaningful change  


  5. Improving our communications and marketing to ensure all students are aware of the role of a Students’ Union and how to access all of our services and representation
  6. Creating content management systems and culture within the SU ensuring that it is seen as a trusted source, and that our information focuses on what students need to know - not what we want them to know


  7. Creating evidence based action plans to increase the demographic diversity of SU staff, volunteers, and services users - and across our democratic activities

  8. Identify actions that will increase student engagement from minority groups in University decision-making

Financial objectives

In addition to these objectives the Programme Board must increase our capacity in development areas through the reassignment of existing resources. This will include identifying opportunities to increase income and make savings on existing spending to ensure the charity has greater agility and operates within its available income.

When is it going to happen?

There’s lots of work to be done, and we’re working hard to ensure that changes are in place ready for the next academic year, 2019/2020. This means that we’ll be working towards the following deadlines:

13/02/2019 - Mobilisation (objectives, roles, naming the programme)

14/02/2019 - Official Launch of ‘Becoming your Union’

15/03/2019 - Planning (weekly Programme Board meetings, defining change, making recommendations)

30/07/2019 - Making the changes happen

31/07/2019 - Closure

Any questions?

We want you, the students, to know that you can have as much input into this process as you’d like.

We will be sending out regular updates over the coming months.

In the meantime, if you’d like to get involved, please pop in to see any member of staff in Falmer House, or email our Students’ Union president Frida at president@sussexstudent.com.