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Housing Co-operative Working Group 


SEASALT is a group of students from the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton working to set up a student housing co-operative in Brighton. We are a student-led initiative for affordable housing, democratic living and long-term sustainability.

SEASALT stands for South EAst Students Autonomously Living Together.

A housing co-op is a property owned, run and managed by its residents! Yes, students. Sounds like a dream? It is happening across the UK with the first student housing co-op in Birmingham established in 2014, Sheffield housing co-operative and Edinburgh student housing co-op has 106 beds. There is now a National Body, Student Co-op Homes, set up in partnership with Co-ops UK to grow the sector.

Join the working group to be part of this! We currently don’t have a property but are working towards being able to move into one as soon as we can.


Find out more at seasalthousingcooperative.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seasalthousingcoop/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/seasalthousing