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Good Night Owls


As a part of our wider work on Zero Tolerance and in conjunction with the Good Night Out project, the Students’ Union is running the Good Night Owl scheme to help students have a safe and good night out. The Good Night Owls scheme is run by a team of student volunteers who patrol in town on Wednesday and Friday nights to offer assistance to vulnerable students. 


Have you ever found yourself in a sticky situation on a night out? Maybe you’ve lost your phone and can’t get home? Or maybe you’re helping a friend who may have had a little too much to drink? If you ever find yourself there again - look out for the Good Night Owls!


The Good Night Owls are a night-time welfare student volunteer group with the aim of helping you have a good, safe night out. We patrol in teams of 3 on both Wednesday and Friday nights in central Brighton between 11pm-3/4am with the aim of providing first aid and welfare help to students who might need our assistance. Some of the ways in which we try to help are by aiding students (intoxicated or otherwise) in finding a way home, acting as a point of contact if a student wants help in reporting an incident, referring students to other services, giving out water/contraception and providing basic first aid assistance.


Look out for us on the street and don’t be afraid to say hello if you need any help or just feel like a chat!


If you are interested in getting involved please take a look at the role and commitment sections and fill out the google form at the bottom of the page - it is always great to be able to expand the team.

How do we help?

  • Look out for vulnerable students on nights out in Brighton
  • Provide basic first aid help and welfare support for students in need
  • Help students have a safer night out and get home safely
  • Act as a safe, friendly face to speak or disclose anything to
  • Provide students with relevant information, water, contraception and other basic welfare supplies
  • Signpost students to relevant organisations and local services when needed
  • Work with venue staff and local organisations to ensure the welfare of students


Volunteers are expected to commit to

  • 3 day First Aid Training for Good Night Owl volunteer team leaders

  • 1 day First Aid Training for Good Night Owl volunteers

  • Welfare induction training

  • Minimum one Wednesday or Friday night a month 11pm-4am (term time)

Volunteer training opportunities

  • First Aid Training

  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training

  • Mental Health First Aid Training

  • Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Training

  • Sea Safety Awareness and Line Throwing Training

  • Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Training  

This role would suit you if you...

  • Are concerned about students' safety and well-being on nights out 
  • Enjoy meeting and communicating with new, like-minded people
  • Are interested in making people more aware of support services available to them
  • If you want to learn new skills that will enable you to support other students 
  • If you are good at listening and communicating or would like to develop those skills

Interested in getting involved?

Please fill out the google form - we look forward to meeting you!

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