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Buddy Scheme Volunteer and Language Café Volunteer Contact

Clara Opper - Student Participation Assistant

Email: clara.o@sussexstudent.com

Phone: 01273 87 2936


Community Volunteering

Buddy Scheme Ambassador Contact

Jane Trueman - Student Participation Coordinator

Email: jane.t@sussexstudent.com

Phone: 01273 87 2936



Free Wednesdays Volunteers

Free Wednesdays Volunteer Contact

Roxane Lavanchy - Campaigns and Representation Administrator

Email: campaignsadmin@sussexstudent.com

Phone: 01273 67 8319




Good Night Owls Contact

Nathan Catt -  Community and Sustainability Manager

Email: nathan.c@sussexstudent.com

Phone: 01273 87 3354


Language Cafe Volunteer

Community and Elective Volunteering Contact

Hannah Woodin-Dechamps - Community Volunteering Coordinator

Email: hannah.wd@sussexstudent.com

Phone: 01273 87 8641




Role Models Project Volunteer Contact

Al Casey - Role Models Project Assistant

Email: nathan.c@sussexstudent.com

Phone: 01273 87 3354





Student Rep Contact

Ellie Turner-Kilburn - Student Rep Assistant