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Information for International Students regarding lectures during the UCU strikes

If you're an International student, you might be concerned about how absences resulting from the strike could affect you.

The UK Council for International Student Affairs has a lot of useful information on their website regarding Tier 4 Visa students.

The Home Office states, in case study 10, that classes cancelled due to industrial action should not:

Be treated as unauthorised absences, which means that they should be considered to be authorised absencescount towards the 10 missed expected contact points that would otherwise prompt an institution report to the Home Office.This means that if any of your contact points, including classes, seminars, lectures or meetings with tutors and supervisors, are cancelled, the Home Office has told your institution that this should have no impact on your attendance record for immigration purposes. 

If your timetable or any of your lectures or seminars may be affected by the proposed strike action, and you are unsure or worried about how your institution will record any missed or cancelled contact points, please seek advice from the Immigration Advice team or Students’ Union at your institution.  

The Office for Students has guidance for students who might be affected by this industrial action.

The Office of the Independent Adjudicator has published a number of case summaries, illustrating how it dealt with a wide range of complaints (not just immigration-related) arising from last year's strikes.