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Disciplinary Action

The University may take disciplinary action against you if they feel you have broken university rules. 

This may be a minor breach, for example  issues in university residences, which may mean you will get fined.

It could involve a meeting with your Head of School or head of a professional University service, e.g. housing office, to decide whether the issues involved are serious enough to go to a formal University disciplinary panel hearing.

Sometimes students do end up having to attend formal disciplinary panels, e.g. if alleged criminal behaviour is involved, but this is relatively rare.

If you are contacted by the University about potential disciplinary issues then please get in touch to discuss your individual circumstances. We can talk through your options, advise on the process and if possible attend any meetings or panels with you.

If you are need to attend a meeting to discuss potential disciplinary action and would like someone to accompany you, please get in touch immediately so we can check our availability.

Any formal complaint you make against a fellow student is also dealt with under the disciplinary process.

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Contact us for support

Call 01273 877038 or email advice@sussexstudent.com to arrange an appointment. Our service is confidential and independent from the University.

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You can find links to our Support & Advocacy service policies towards the bottom of the Student Union policies page:

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