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Student Rep

Undergraduate and postgraduate Reps in each school and year of study are elected by students in the same school and year to represent their views and interests.

To find out who your Student Reps are, you can find a list on Study Direct or contact your school office. You can see a full list of Reps on Sussex Direct.

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What Do Reps Do?

Student Reps find out about issues affecting students' studies and experience.

They take this information informally to staff in the department, and can raise issues more formally at department, school, and university level committees to effect positive changes.

Reps raise issues that are causing difficulties for students and let the University know when it is doing something well.

Reps can give you details of people and services that can help with individual problems.

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Campaigning and the students' union

There are plenty of other ways in which you can get involved and change things about the wider student experience beyond academia.

If you've got something you're particulary passionate about helping the Union to change - have a look at our Campaigns page, which features a wide variety of both student-led and union-led campaigns with the aim of motivating change on a local, national or even global level!

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Become a Student Rep

Student Reps are elected in October and any student can nominate themself - no experience is necessary. Nominations will be open at www.sussexstudent.com/elections from the 2nd September 2016. 

We encourage students of all years and subjects to nominate themselves as having a student voice on academic matters is very important to the Students' Union and University.

Being a Student Rep is a great way to get involved with the University and Students' Union on issues that directly affect students and the wider running of the University.

You can also develop your skills and improve things for students.

If you're interested in getting involved with the Student rep scheme; check out the information on our pages for Student Reps or email the Student Rep Administrator.