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For Reps

Welcome to your Student Rep hub! You can find lots of information about being a Rep in the Student Rep Handbook 2018-19. You can also find information on the University Academic Development and Quality Enhancement Student Rep pages - particularly about how the University works and how committees work.

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Rewards for Reps 

If you are looking to log what you've done as a Rep, you can take part in the Rep Leaf Scheme. You can find out more in the Student Rep Handbook, and you can log what you have done here by clicking the link below. 

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Rep Training

Welcome Meeting

Your primary means of training will be the Student Rep Welcome Meeting which will take place the week you are elected.

This essential training will cover some of the key skills you need to undertake your role as a Student Rep. It will also give you a chance to meet the Rep Team, as well as meet other fellow Student Reps. Knowing other Reps will be really important throughout the year, as this way you can share common problems, ideas and examples of good practice. 

Online Training

You are also expected to complete core online training. This training complements what you will learn in the Welcome Meeting. Completing this training mandatory, and it must be done by the end of Autumn Term. It shouldn’t take you any longer than an hour and it has lots of useful infomration about the Student Rep Scheme. Once you’ve completed your online training, we will give you your Rep Hoody to say thank you! Email studentreps@sussexstudent.com to let us know you have completed your training, and to arrange a time to collect your hoody!

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In addition to this, there will be additional training opportunities for Reps such as the Student Rep Spring Conference (we have some very exciting plans for this this year!). Keep an eye out for these opportunities on the weekly Rep Newsletter


Further Opportunities 

If you are interested in getting more involved in making change at the Union or the University, you can have a look at the Democracy pages to find out about holding a referenda, joining a campaign, or sitting on Union Council

The University offers lots of development opportunities for Reps, and you can find out more on the optional module 'Going Further as a Rep' on your online training. You could join a University Committee, or consider running for a Students' Union elected position such as a Full-Time Officer.

You can also contact the Rep Team if you have any ideas, queries or suggestions about the Rep Scheme. You could hold a social or get involved with putting on the Spring Rep Conference. Whatever you are interested in, the Rep Team are here to help you out. They meet weekly, and you are welcome to join. You can contact any of the people below via email. 

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Contact the Rep Team 

Student Rep Assistant- Ellie Turner-Kilburn 

Email: studentreps@sussexstudent.com

Undergraduate Education Officer - Chris Harding

Email: ugeducation@sussexstudent.com

Postgraduate Education Officer - Benjamin Matthews

Email: pgeducation@sussexstudent.com