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How to nominate yourself

Nominations open on September 2nd - head to our elections page to nominate yourself. 

Having trouble nominating yourself?

If you have any problems nominating yourself please email support@sussexstudent.com as soon as possible so we can resolve these for you.

Who can be a Student Rep?

Any student at Sussex can be a Rep.

We actively encourage students of all years and subjects to apply as hearing students' thoughts on academic matters is very important to both the Students' Union and the University.

This role will suit you if you are interested in making a difference, being part of a team and working with a variety of people. 

There are places for students at all levels of study from first year undergraduates to postgraduate researchers.

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Great things about being a Student Rep

Being a Student Rep is a fantastic way to learn about the workings of the University and get involved in the Students' Union. You'll learn about decision-making, democracy, and how a University of over 15,000 students functions and plans for the future. 

You'll meet a range of staff and students from accross the University and have a chance to impact student life at Sussex. You will be able to develop your interests, whether it is in the curriculum, sustainability, learning spaces, technology, or any academic matters. 

You'll make a positive contribution for your fellow students and improve Sussex for future students. 

You will be supported all the way, with the Student Rep team on hand offering specialised training, resources and help on hand to make sure you get the best out of your year. 

Finally, you'll be part of a team of over 250 students, working together to make Sussex better for everyone.

What do Student Reps do?

Student Reps seek out the views of their fellow students and represent these to their department, their school and the University.

For the University, Reps are an important way of listening to the student voice and responding to student concerns about teaching and learning, so it’s important that students put themselves forward.

Student Reps gather views of their students via a range of methods, from chatting, to facebook and forums, and they collate and present these at committees and in meetings with University and Union staff. Reps can then work with staff to find solutions and improvements to make Sussex better! 

To be an effective representative, you need to be able to give a little time to the role (usually around two hours a week). The time the role takes will depend on a range of factors. As a Rep, you must complete our online training course, and there will be opportunities for formal and informal training and development opportunities. These will help you with the skills and knowledge to get the most from the role.

Who do Student Reps work with?

Student Reps work directly with:

  • The students they represent, in order to find out their views
  • Other Student Reps in their school to coordinate work.
  • Staff and academics in their department or school to represent students’ views.
  • The Students’ Union elected Full-time Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education Officers.
  • The joint University/Students’ Union Rep team.
  • Reps across the University, for example in University committees.
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The election process

Student Reps are elected annually in October.

They are Reps for a year (though they can choose to nominate themselves again the following year).

Nominating yourself is easy and quick, you just need a picture and a short 100 word manifesto. The manifesto is really straightforward - just explain why you want to be a Rep and what you feel you can bring to the role. You can nominate yourself here. 

After the elections, if nobody has nominated themselves for a position you're eligible for you may be able to become a Rep for a vacant post but will still need to attend training. If there is no Rep elected for a position you are eligable for and you are interested in becoming a rep, contact studentreps@sussexstudent.com for more information. 

Contact us if you have any questions

If you have any questions about the role or filling out your nomination then please contact us.

Undergraduate Education Officer - Ella Asheri

Email: ugeducation@sussexstudent.com
Phone: 01273 67 8319
Office: Campaigns and Representation office, 1st floor, Falmer House


Postgraduate Education Officer - Sarah McIntosh

Email: pgeducation@sussexstudent.com
Phone: 01273 873353
Office: Campaigns and Representation office, 1st floor, Falmer House


Student Rep Assistant - Ellie Turner-Kilburn

Email: studentreps@sussexstudent.com
Office: Room 132, 1st floor, Falmer House


Student Voice Manager - Natalie Sacks 


Office: Room132, 1st floor, Falmer House


If you are having technical difficulties with the nomination or voting system please email website@sussexstudent.com as soon as possible so we can resolve your problem.