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Why set up a new group?

If you think we're missing something from our list of sports clubs & societies you could set up a new sports club or society.

Running a sports club or society is easy and takes as much or as little time as you and your fellow committee members would like to give to it.

Your group could run social events, competitions, training, talks, organise a conference, raise money, bungee-jumping, enter competitions, whatever you like.

Running a group is a great way to develop your skills and make a difference to students.


How to register a new group

Support for students running groups

What do students running groups do?

Code of Conduct

How to register a new group

All you need to get started is three people to be your committee and an idea.

Our new group forms help you explain your idea and how your group will run safely and responsibly.

Once new sports clubs & societies are approved by the relevant Students' Union committee then you're up and running.

Societies & Student Media

New society applications for Spring Term 2017/18 are now closed. Any new society applications received now will not be reviewed until September 2018, after Freshers' Week. This is because the Societies Committee, who are elected to vote on new society applications, will not be meeting until Week 1 of Autumn Term 2018/19 and the Societies Administrators are employed during term-time only and will not be in post to process any new applications until after Freshers' Week 2018.

New society applications are reviewed by the Society Reps, an elected group of students who attend the Societies Committee. New society applications are usually approved if the group will be doing something different to the clubs and societies already affiliated with the Students' Union. The Society Reps may not approve the application if the group’s aims and objectives are similar to an established group, and instead suggest working collaboratively with an established group. Browse the list of current groups here

While your group is pending approval it will be considered a 'development society' and given an 'application pending' page on the website linking directly to a Facebook group/page (if provided on the application form). While your application is pending you will not be able to apply to the Societies Fund or submit applications to the Sussex Leaf Scheme, but we encourage you to begin working towards the criteria in the Leaf Scheme as it will help you to establish your group.

You can still book Students' Union rooms & resources at Falmer house Reception in person or by emailing Reception on info@sussexstudent.com. Please be aware that any events or activities carried out by development societies will not be covered by the Students' Union insurance and you will still be required to complete a risk assessment for your event. You can contact the Students' Union Events Team for support with running events safely on events@sussexstudent.com.

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Sports Clubs

We have based our definition of sport as those recognised by Sports England. Sports that are offered at Sussex are those that have proven to attract interest from students. If you feel that Sussex should offer a Sports England recognised sport, that it currently does not offer then please read the following document before submitting this application form.

Your application will then be considered and voted on by the Sports Reps. If approved, as a new Sports Club, then you will need to book a meeting with Sarah (Sports Development Manager) to sort out risk assessments for your club's future activities, gaining access to a minisite on this website, access to financial accounts and planning what's next.

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The Union encourages autonomous student campaigning, and supports students making positive changes through collective action. But what is a campaign? It differs from a group interested in discussing social justice, as it needs to have specific aims and objectives it hopes to achieve. Campaign groups work towards creating change and the aims and objectives help to give the campaign focus. Campaign groups have access to additional support from the Union, including training on how to effectively run a campaign, stuff to support your campaign like banner fabric and paint (and glitter) and access to the campaign fund. 

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Support for students running groups

Students' Union sports clubs and societies can get support, resources and funding from the Students' Union.

We can help you publicise your activities, network with other society committee members, give you storage space, include you in our insurance policy, advise you on things like organising events and recruiting members.

The staff in the Union Hub are here to support you and we can provide more information, funding and advice to help you out.

What do students running groups do?

You can choose what your committee members are called and what their roles entail.

Committee members are responsible for organising the group’s activities and ensuring these are carried out safely;

  • Organising trips
  • Organising events
  • Selecting the team for a competition
  • Tasks specific to your group’s activities, aims and objectives

Committee members are responsible for ensuring the ongoing development of their group

  • Recruiting new members
  • Liaising with the Activities Centre
  • Working with other club/society committee members and ordinary members
  • Gathering and responding to feedback from club/society members
  • Attending Students' Union training

Code of Conduct

Committee members are bound by the group’s code of conduct.

Running a group comes with responsibility towards your members and the Students’ Union. Our code of conduct outlines your responsibilities and those of your members. 

This code of conduct is to be adhered to in conjunction with the University of Sussex Students’ Union Articles of Association, Sports Club and Society Rules, Safer Space Policy and Equality and Diversity Policy. 

The Students’ Union Articles of Association is available online at www.sussexstudent.com/about-us/
The Sports Club and Society Rules are available online at http://www.sussexstudent.com/pageassets/about-us/Clubs-and-Societies-Nov-15.pdf 
The Safer Space Policy is available online at http://www.sussexstudent.com/about-us/policies/safer-space/
The  Equality and Diversity Policy is available online at www.sussexstudent.com/about-us/policies/equal-opportunities/

All members, ordinary and committee, must read, agree to and abide by this code of conduct and be aware of the repercussions of any breaches.

The committee shall be elected democratically by the members of the group at the group’s Annual General Meeting or by using the elections admin on www.sussexstudent.com.