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Spending Money

We can't give you cash from your account but you can claim money back from your account after you've spent it. This is because we have no guarantee that the money is being spent for the correct purposes and no paperwork to account for where the money has gone. As a registered charity, we have to keep accountable financial records.

Please always check that there is enough money in your group's account before you spend money or order anything.Your Society or Sports Club cannot go in debt, our accounts do not have an overdraft system. You can only spend money your group has in their account.

Spending under £50

  1. Spending must be approved by club treasurer & have your group's account balance confirmed.
  2. Spend the money and get a receipt.
  3. Fill in a payment request form - you can download one [Word document] or pick up a paper copy from the Activities Centre.
  4. Bring the form and receipt to the Activities Centre and we'll pay you back.

Spending over £50

We prefer large costs to be invoiced to your group rather than individuals spending their own money. This removes the risk of individual students being out of pocket.

  1. Spending must be approved by club treasurer & have your group's account balance confirmed
  2. You will need to let us know what you plan to buy before you or we order it for you. Contact the Activities Finance Assistant, Aarun, on aarun.p@sussexstudent.com to help you do this.
  3. All items will then be delivered to the activities centre in Falmer house. The team will notify you when they have arrived.
  4. Please try and be as organised as possible and come in early to get your items ordered or tickets purchased to allow for delivery times, stocking issues etc.

Invoices should be made out to:

[Your group's name]
University of Sussex Students' Union
Falmer House
East Sussex

Do not get invoices sent to your personal email or home address. This shifts the financial responsibility on to you and there isn't a lot the Students' Union can do to help if anything goes wrong.

Invoices should be sent to:

Activities Finance Assistant
Activities Centre
University of Sussex Students' Union
Falmer House
East Sussex

or sent via email to aarun.p@sussexstudent.com

Most outgoing payments are made by cheque or bank transfer and it can take a week or two to get from us receiving an invoice to the supplier receiving the money. Therefore please don’t leave payments until the last minute.

Paying companies who can't invoice us

The Students’ Union has a credit card to enable payments to be made via the internet for companies who don’t send out invoices, for example, Amazon.

In cases like these, we can pay for the item on your behalf and charge it to your group's account. Contact a member of Activities Centre staff for us to sort this out for you. We will need to have confirmation from the group’s treasurer that the spend has been approved and that you have the money in your group’s account.

Remember, we can't give you cash to go and buy things.


The University of Sussex Students’ Union shall not be responsible in any way for expenditure incurred by a sports club or society that does not possess sufficient funds to meet its commitments. In such circumstances, the sports club or society and its committee will be liable for any of the University of Sussex Students’ Union losses. This may result in permanent closure of the club or society.

A University of Sussex Students’ Union sports club or society may not receive or use any funds held by the Students’ Union for any of the following:

  • Any activity prejudicial to equal opportunities
  • Any party political activity
  • Any activity in breach of the law of the land
  • Any activity in breach of the University of Sussex Students’ Union constitution
  • Any activity that excludes any current member of the society or club
  • Purchasing alcohol, unless specifically agreed due to a direct link to the activities of your Society 
  • A society or club found to be doing so shall be subject to penalties and measures.

Spending funding awarded from the Societies Fund

  • The amount awarded will be confirmed with Treasurer/Finance Rep of the society

  • Funding can only be spent on the item/event you applied for funding for

  • The Treasurer/Finance Rep of the society is to keep records of transactions, invoices & payment requests to compare to their society bank account

  • Funding must be spent within four weeks of it being awarded. After this time, the money will be returned to the societies fund and you will have to reapply

  • All funds MUST be spent by the end of Spring Term of the academic year funding is awarded

  • Any loan amounts granted by the Societies Committee must be repaid within 4 weeks after the event funded


Contact Aarun to process payments – aarun.p@sussexstudent.com

  • All payments must be processed by one of the Finance Reps for the society

  • If you pay for items up front, keep the receipts and fill out a Payment Request Form (http://www.sussexstudent.com/sport-societies-media/information-for-committee-members/)

  • Email the form & send the receipts as an attachment to Aarun, otherwise, pop into the Activities Office to fill out a hard copy and photocopy receipts

  • Aarun will load the forms onto our online payment system, Vendee, for the Finance department to pay. Up to £30 can only be reimbursed in cash, amounts over £30 can only be paid by bank transfer (BACS)

  • You can also ask companies to invoice your society for the money. You must ask the company to address the invoice in the following format to ensure it is paid & that you are not using your personal address, otherwise you’ll be liable to pay & Finance cannot pay the invoice

*Society Name*

University of Sussex Students’ Union

Falmer House


East Sussex


  • Aarun can also use the Students’ Union credit card to order items online on your behalf, such as equipment or train tickets. Send Aarun an email with a link to the website, a list of products and the prices, and a screenshot of the basket showing the total cost. Items will be delivered to the Activities Centre in Falmer House for you to collect. Please give Aarun plenty of notice when ordering items

VAT (Value Added Tax)

VAT is currently charged by the government at 20% of sales and purchases.

We may be able to help you to not pay VAT if you’re organising fundraising events – check with the Activities Centre before printing your tickets and publicity as it will depend on how you market your event.

VAT is deducted from society membership payments and ticket (and other) sales, but not from donations (including sponsorship and money collections). 

If you have a VAT invoice (the company you’re buying off must have a VAT registration number which will be quoted on the paperwork) we can claim the VAT back however this only applies if you are NOT running a fundraiser. 

Contact a member of Activities Centre staff for more information about VAT.

Contact us

Society enquiries

Societies Coordinator - Charlie Temperton

Email: charlie.t@sussexstudent.com
Phone: 01273 678625
Office: Activities Centre, 1st floor, Falmer House

Activities Administrator (Societies) - Mike Wilkins

Email: mike.w@sussexstudent.com
Phone: 01273 873415
Office: Activities Centre, 1st floor, Falmer House

Sport enquiries

Sports Development Manager - Sarah Hall

Email: sarah.h@sussexstudent.com
Phone: 01273 877322
Office: Activities Centre, 1st floor, Falmer House

Sports Assistant - Doron Mazor

Email: doron.m@sussexstudent.com
Phone: 01273 87387
Office: Activities Centre, 1st floor, Falmer House