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All bookings are allocated on a first come first served basis, so if a space is booked by another group at a time you desire it, please contact that group's committee directly. 

To book a room or resource, select the corresponding 'Category' (as detailed in the table below) on the left-hand side of the booking system and select the desired room/resource from the drop-down menu. You can then select the time slot and edit your booking on the calendar view.

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From this link, select the "Falmer House Rooms" option on the left-hand side, then select the room you would like to view the availability of from the drop-down menu.

Students' Union Rooms, Facilities & RESOuRCES 

Room Capacity Category Information
Meeting Room 1 60 Falmer House room Chairs. Wooden floor.
Meeting Room 2 30 Falmer House room Chairs. Carpeted floor. 
Meeting Room 3 12 Falmer House room Chairs & tables. Carpeted floor. 
Meeting Room 4 24 Falmer House room Chairs & tables. Carpeted floor. 
Meeting Room 5 10 Falmer House room Chairs & tables. Carpeted floor. 
Debating Chamber 80 seated, 150 standing

Falmer House room

Wooden floor. Chairs are available but must be booked separately.
Mandela Hall 600 Falmer House room Wooden floor. 
Resource Number Available Category Information
Cake Sale Stall (Library Square)


Cake Sale Stalls (Library Square) This entitles you to a space in library square for a cake sale.
Cake Sale Stall (Outside Falmer House) 1 Cake Sale Stalls (Library Square) This entitles you to a space for a cake sale outside Falmer House. Tuesdays are not available due to the Market.
Debating Chamber Chairs 55 Events resources 55 green chairs
Tuesday Market Stall 2 Falmer House rooms This is a stall at the Tuesday Market from 10am-3pm for student groups. The stalls are under the arches, opposite the Muslim Prayer Centre, in Falmer Quad. Come and collect your table from the Union Hub by 10am.
Gazebo 2 Gazebos Union branded gazebo with roof. You can book side panels separately. It is ok to borrow these overnight/over the weekend but they must be collected/returned during Union Info Point opening hours.
A3 Whiteboards 6 'Green' resources Whiteboard pens and cleaners available
A4 Whiteboards 12 'Green' resources Whiteboard pens and cleaners available
A-Frame Chalkboard 2 'Green' resources Chalkboard pens and cleaners available
Blackboard Bunting 2 'Green' resources Strings of 5 boards
blackboard pens and cleaners available
Table top chalkboard 5 'Green' resources 1 chalkboard pen per board available
Water Jug & Cups 1 'Green' resources 1 plastic jug & 12 plastic cups in a plastic tub. Please wash up the jug and cups before returning
Boom Box 1 Union Hub resources  
Keyboard 2 Union Hub resources  
Music Stands 12 Union Hub resources  
Poster Board 2 Union Hub resources  
Projector 1 Union Hub resources  
Projector Screen 1 Union Hub resources Projector screen & case
Table 10 Union Hub resources Square green tables with collapsable/fold up legs.
Hot Water Urn 1 Union Hub resources 20 litre hot water urn - for use with hot water only. Makes about 80 cups of hot water - supply your own tea bags/hot chocolate powder, coffee granules etc


All of our rooms on campus have step-free access.

Booking Guidelines

Falmer House rooms are available from 10am to 10pm on weekdays during term-time. You can book them from 10am to 5pm on weekdays during the holidays. For bookings outside these times you'll need to contact security and arrange porters.Contact the Events Team for help with this on

To report any broken equipment, furniture or maintenance issues in the room please email

Officially affiliated Students’ Union Clubs & Societies get priority bookings during term time & week days.

Sport BUCS training sessions & match bookings are prioritised as these are included in Sports Memberships. University exam bookings in Mandela Hall are also prioritised.

Any activity not covered by your group’s annual risk assessment or by the generic risk assessment will require a separate risk assessment to be approved. For support with this see or contact the Events Team on

Be mindful of the needs of other student groups when making bookings. There are hundreds of groups at Sussex and unfortunately not enough space in Falmer house for everyone. There are loads of great spaces on and off campus to suit your group’s needs.

No smoking or vaping is permitted anywhere in Falmer House. Any group found to breach this will face disciplinary action. Please take your plates & glasses back down to Falmer Bar.

NO OWN ALCOHOL IS PERMITTED IN FALMER HOUSE. Alcohol not purchased in Falmer Bar can not be consumed anywhere in Falmer House as it’s not covered by the bar license and could in result in the bar having its license revoked. Any group found to breach this will face disciplinary action.

Failure to respect the space and disobeying these guidelines will result in the Union revoking the right for the offending group to be able to book rooms in Falmer House for that academic year.

If you have booked a space but no longer need it please cancel the booking. The Union reserves the right to cancel future bookings/revoke booking rights where groups have booked but are not using the space.

The Music room

The music room has a piano, drum kit, keyboard, mics and amps. A termly membership costs £15 plus a £10 refundable deposit for an entry card. 

University lecture & seminar rooms

Using University rooms is free but you may be charged for extra porter cover when necessary or for things like cleaning or security.

You will need to fill in a room booking request form, found here: You can find the full procedure and booking forms online.

View University room booking schedule »

The Meeting House

The Meeting House has the Quiet Room available for Students' Union groups on weekdays from 5pm to 9pm during term time. It seats up to 85 people. Social events are allowed in the Quiet Room but they have to be fairly sedate. They do not allow noisy events or parties where people will be consuming large amounts of alcohol although drinking in moderation is ok.

There is no charge for Students' Union groups using the Quiet Room on weekdays. There is a charge to book the room on Saturdays.

The Chapel is a sacred space which they try to keep available for people in need of a spiritual/quiet space. 

There is a data projector, OHP and screens available plus an elderly tv and video.

The Meeting House's kitchen is available for making hot drinks and students may use the microwave to reheat cooked food. It is not available for catering for events on campus or preparing meals from scratch.

Bookings must be made with the Meeting House Administrator, Janine Thorogood - or 01273 678217.

Sports Centre & Falmer Sports Complex

You can book Sports Halls 1 and 2 and the Dance Studio/Dojo in the Sports Centre and the Cafe Bar at Falmer Sports Complex. You can find out more at

Bookings made by Students' Union clubs and societies must be paid for directly by the group concerned. If you would like to use money from your group's account please check with a member of staff in the Activities Centre BEFORE making your booking. Contact the Activities Finance Assistant to check your balance on