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Resources for Committee Members

The Students’ Union has a number of resources you can use. You can book physical resources at Falmer House Reception or via the room booking system if you are in a sport club or society.

Technical resources

Every group gets their own email address - e.g. amnesty@ussu.sussex.ac.uk which will redirect automatically to an individual’s Sussex/BSMS e-mail account. It is NOT an email account as such – it does not have a password to it. It is just a forwarding mechanism.

We can create mailing lists for you if you like e.g. suds-members@ussu.sussex.ac.uk

Every group has their own section on our website. This allows students to find information about you. Committee members can have access to edit this information, view and contact members and add news and events. Contact a member of the Activities Centre team for us to set this up for you.

General resources

We have storage space for equipment.

You can book rooms in Falmer House.

There are noticeboards around campus where you can put up your posters, just bring them in to be stamped in the Activities Centre first.

You can get your group's post and packages delivered to the Activities Centre.

We can order clothing for you and arrange for it to be collected from the Activities Centre.

Online sales and sign-ups for tickets, clothing and events.

Each group gets a bank account which is part of our finance system.

Events resources

Online ticket sales.

Licensed venues with no hire charges.

PA equipment to use for events on campus.


Help organising and publicising your event.

Equipment to borrow (from the activties office)

Extension cables.

Boombox/portable speaker.

Tables x10.

Tea urn.


If you wish to borrow the boombox/speaker, tea urn or projector, we require a £20 deposit from you. This is due to issues with returning the items/damage to the items. The deposit will be returned to you on return of the items. 

Other items we will use your student card as a deposit.

View activities resources booking schedule for summer term »

Click on "Activities Centre Resources" on the left-hand side of the screen and select the resource name from the drop-down menu. Room booking reps from each club/society are able to book the resources. Alternatively, speak to someone on the Falmer House reception desk to book items for you (or email reception@sussexstudent.com).