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Unforuntately we can't cover all the costs for every single group but you can apply for funding and generate your own money.

Funding & loans from the Students' Union

We provide funding for our sports clubs and societies.

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Membership fees

Societies can choose a membership fee, the income from which (after VAT is deducted) goes into your society's account. Setting a small fee is a good way of covering society essentials, but you may not wish to charge anything if your running costs are low.

The membership fee for sports clubs subsidised by the Students' Union are spent on their running costs along with funding from the Students' Union.

Students sign up (and pay the membership fee if applicable) by visiting your page on our website and adding the membership to their basket.

It is vital that your members sign up online so our records are accurate. The bulk of our income comes from the University so it is important that we can prove we need it by showing how many people take part in sports clubs and societies.

SUSSEX Leaves reward scheme

The Society Leaves Reward Scheme rewards continual development within our societies. By completing challenges you can earn money to spend to further expand your society.

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Sponsorship deals can be potentially lucrative for student groups but you must bring in contracts to us so we can cast an experienced eye over them.

Under no circumstances should anyone other than the Students’ Union Marketing & Sponsorship Coordinator sign contracts for you.

If you or another member sign a contract you leave yourself open to financial liability and direct legal action. 

If you like the idea of sponsorship but aren’t sure how to go about getting it, come in and speak to the Activities Officer about what you’re looking for and they can help out.


Fundraising is another way of getting income for your group. This could be something as simple as borrowing a table and selling cakes in Library Square, or it could be working with the Activities Officer to organise a club night in town. 

Lots of groups use Students’ Union premises for free to arrange events and raise money through ticket sales to these events. Speak to the Events Team if you’re interested in doing this or if you would like to organise a fundraising event but aren’t sure how to go about it.