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Society & student media handover

This information is for committee members of societies & student media groups. When the committee members of a student group are being renewed, the outgoing committee members must handover the group. This involves passing on relevant information to the new members in order for them to continue running successful groups.

At the end of the academic year, we need to know which groups are continuing in the following September and we require a completed affiliation form to update our committee contacts. The deadline for 2017/18 is Friday 23rd March 2018. The current committee will continue in post until the end of the academic year.

Society & media group affiliation form »

To run a Students’ Union society or student media group you’ll need:

  • A student-led committee of at least three people to organise your activities - All committee members must be democratically chosen by the full members of the society.
  • A constitution to outline what you’ll be doing and how the group will be run - the handover form provides a template for this, if your group has a seperate one then please email it through to societies@sussexstudent.com after you have completed the handover form below.
  • A code of conduct which outlines the responsibilities of the group and its members - this is included in the handover form and you will be asked to agree to this when completing the handover form.
  • A risk assessment to cover the main activity your group will be doing - most groups will have one already or be covered by our generic 'meetings & socials' template. The Societies Administrator will be in touch to ask you to update or complete a risk assessment as neccessary. Click here for more information about risk assessments.

Need help?

We’re here to help committee members run societies & student media, you’re welcome to come in and see us at any time in the Union Hub on the first floor of Falmer House but if you’d like to book an appointment get in touch.

Activities Officer - Lucy Williams
Email: activities@sussexstudent.com 

Societies Administrators - Mike & Adesola
Email: societies@sussexstudent.com
Phone: 01273 873415

Societies  and Student Media Coordinator - Charlie Temperton
Email: charlie.t@sussexstudent.com
Phone: 01273 678625

Useful resources

There is lots of information online to help you find out about resources and funding for student groups plus how to organise events and publicise your group.

Society & media group affiliation form »

How to videos: how to create committee positions & set up an election » 

Health & safety information for student groups » 

Information for committee members »

What happens next?

When your affiliation form is submitted we will be in touch with any queries and ask for an updated risk assessment for the following year.

The Students’ Union is here to support your group with advice, funding, resources and more. Make the most of it by talking to a member of the Union Hub team to find out how we can help.

We’ll be in touch about the Freshers’ Fair and training.

In the meantime if you have any questions about running a society, filling in this form or anything else just get in touch. Nothing is too big, too small or too obvious and we’re here to help.