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64 new societies have started since September!

There are now a total of 64 new societies at Sussex, an amazing array of groups spanning academic, fundraising, special interest, cultural and more.

Meet your newest Society Rep

Hal, President of the Dog Walking society, has joined the Societies Committee as a Rep after Edward stepped down.

40 new groups have started this term!

The Society Reps have approved 40 new and returning societies so far this term. The Society Reps meet every week during term time to decide on matters affecting societies, including applications to start and re-affiliate societies.

Societies Fund spring term 17/18 funding round up
A group of students smiling and wearing Geog Soc branded hoodies and t-shirts standing in Falmer Qua

See what Societies at Sussex have been up to this spring term and how they have spent the £10,000 funding given to the Societies Committee by the Sussex Fund!


Forms & documents

To access our application forms you must be logged in to Google (Google Drive/Gmail) with your club or society account e.g groupname@clubs.sussexstudent.com / groupname@societies.sussexstudent.com. Please use an incognito browser when doing this to guarantee access.

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Decision-making about student groups

The Students' Union has a number of committees that make decisions about student groups on things such as allocating funding and voting on applications to start new groups.

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Contact us

The Union Hub on the first floor of Falmer House has a number of staff dedicated to sports clubs and societies.


Society enquiries

Societies Administrators - Joanna & Tierney

Email: societies@sussexstudent.com
Phone: 01273 873415
Office: Union Hub, 1st floor, Falmer House

Sport enquiries

Sports Administrators - Victoria & Michael

Email: sport@sussexstudent.com
Phone: 01273 873415
Office: Activities Centre, 1st Floor, Falmer House

Sports Coordinator - Clara Opper

Email: clara.o@sussexstudent.com
Phone: 01273 678625
Office: Activities Centre, 1st floor, Falmer House