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Spring Referenda 2019

Should the Student Union continue to boycott Coca Cola products? - The case For

The Student Union has boycotted Coca-Cola since 2006 and should renew its policy to continue the boycott. Coca-Cola was originally boycotted by the SU for its role in allegations of violence towards Colombian trade union members, and for the pollution of local water sources near its bottling plants in India. Now, the Ethical Consumer report on Coca-Cola reveals they receive the worst rankings for tax avoidance and palm oil, and in November 2017 they reported that a subsidiary of Coca-Cola (Coca Cola Amatil) was using structures from the overturned Suharto dictatorship in Indonesia to prevent workers’ right to organise.

Coca-Cola is one of the largest multinational corporations in the world, and the power they wield - from sponsoring the Olympics to taking over our television sets at Christmas - can seem overwhelming. Consumer power, however, can be even stronger. By withholding our money from corporations who abuse the human rights of their workers and the health of our planet, we can create real change: and it is the role of Student Unions like ours to lead by example, and protest with our pounds.

We haven’t stocked Coca Cola products since 2006 and have shown that it isn’t impossible to be a successful business AND hold on to our values. Vote for the boycott to carry this on.



You can read more about the referendum and vote at www.sussexstudent.com/referenda