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Sussex Yoga Society aims to offer students affordable, community-run yoga classes, in multiple disciplines and various skill levels. On top of the physical aspect, we aim to explore the whole breadth of the yogic traditions, including informative talks, meditation sessions and spiritual practices. In the long-term, we hope to be able to offer a class a day, in different styles, to cater to everyone's interests and availability. All classes are open to everyone, including beginners. Wear comfortable clothes you can move in, and make sure you have things that will be warm enough - especially over the winter months, as the university buildings tend to get quite cold. We do have quite a few mats for people to use, but of course feel free to bring your own if you have one.

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During the 17/18 Spring term we will be running the below classes (check Facebook for up to date timetables);


Yoga with Meditation with Tom - £3

Tom aims to bring his personal practice of ashtanga vinyasa, meditation, pranayama, qi gong and tai chi into each class. The class will be dynamic, challenging and flowing, but also relaxing with a strong focus on breathing deeply into each posture, staying mindful and going inside. Each class will be around 1hr and 20mins long and will start and end with a short meditation and will include backbends, sun salutations, and a relaxation period (sivasana). Suitable for everyone.


Ashtanga with Davy - £3

Ashtanga is a dynamic form of yoga practice open to beginners and experienced yogis alike. Davy has been teaching Ashtanga for 9 years and practising for 17. With humour and an eye for safety, he encourages students to focus on improving their own practice. Davy's classes are held upstairs in the Meeting House, which is the round building opposite the library.


Yoga with Jemma - £3

This is a controlled and precise class, aiming to build strength and flexibility safely. Actively holding postures for longer will enable you to gain strength and awareness, and fully explore the depth of each pose, cultivating a strong mind-body connection. We will use sun salutations to warm up, focus on core strength and proper alignment, and take a meditative relaxation at the end. Jemma has practiced many styles of yoga over the years, and her class integrates aspects of several different disciplines, including the precision of Iyengar, the strength of Ashtanga, and the meditative focus of Sivananda


Hatha/Vinyasa with Lily - £3

Lily graduated in July 2016 from a 200 hour teacher training course under the tutelage of Holly Warren at YogaLondon. Her appreciation of Yoga grew over the years as she discovered the diverse benefits of the practice. By connecting with the breath, yoga develops strength and flexibility of both body and mind. Yoga can cultivate a deeper and more compassionate understanding of oneself and others, helping us to find moments of peace and clarity. In her own practice Lily has explored several branches of 'hatha' (physical) yoga, from Ashtanga, Vinyasa and power yoga classes, to Bikram and Hot Yoga. She has also enjoyed Kundalini yoga, Yoga Nidra and Restorative/Yin classes. Lily’s Vinyasa style classes are dynamic yet accessible for all levels of experience, from absolute beginners to advanced practitioners. Some classes lean more towards power Yoga, while others may take a more restorative approach. Her teaching is inclusive and adaptable to ensure all students are working within their capabilities in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Kundalini with Maria - £3

Maria Varanpal aims, through Kundalini Yoga, to create a space where we can be conscious right now and through that welcoming life as a gift with the beautiful diversity of emotions, thoughts, and sensations. Each class last about 90 min, and has the structure of tuning in, warming up, kriya (combination of yoga exercises), relaxation, meditation and tuning out. Every now and then Maria will also bring her Gong. Kundalini Yoga & Gong are tools that can help you let go of stress and live your life more fully. You can read more about Kundalini Yoga, Gong and Maria at www.consciousnow.co.uk. The class is suitable for all levels. If space, non-students are also welcome for the price of £6.

Hatha with Lucy - £3

A classical style of yoga, with some dynamic work. This class works to unite breath and body, giving you a chance to do some challenging stretches, while creating a deep relaxation.

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