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The Badger Newspaper

The Badger is the weekly student newspaper funded by the University of Sussex Students' Union, created entirely by students.

You can pick up The Badger for free every Monday on campus, or read the content alongside exclusive additional articles online by visiting the Badger website. Click here to see where you can find copies of The Badger around your campus.

There are many exciting opportunities to get involved in The Badger; whether you're a writer, illustrator, photographer, or simply want to offer your ideas, the friendly editors hold weekly meetings for you to come along to pitch your ideas or collect stories or ideas. To find out how you can get involved, click here.

As well as being great fun, The Badger offers a great experience to anyone interested in a career in journalism, media, publishing and related fields.

Badger content

Feel free to get in touch with the editors of each section to find out more about getting involved or to pitch your ideas. For general enquiries, please contact badger@sussexstudent.com

News - badger-news@ussu.sussex.ac.uk

We cover stories from around campus, Brighton and national higher education. We try to find original stories and make them suitable and interesting to the student body. We're constantly on the snoop for stories and events so make sure to keep us informed if you hear of anything.

Features - badger-features@ussu.sussex.ac.uk

The paper will be running in-depth weekly features on a diverse range of topics. These have included subjects such as the differences between men's and women's attitudes towards sex, and the nature of procrastination.

Comment - badger-opinion@ussu.sussex.ac.uk or badger-letters@ussu.sussex.ac.uk

We welcome and include comment pieces about national, international and local issues. Anything you want to celebrate, criticise or discuss is welcome. We also have a weekly 'Big Debate' where two students present arguments for and against a topical statement. This could vary from 'East Slope Bar vs Falmer Bar' to the intricacies and controversies of supporting a British monarchy. You can also write us a letter about a topic you feel passionate about. This section gives you a free reign to express yourself. 

Science - badger-science@ussu.sussex.ac.uk

We have weekly scientific features, stories and fun facts.

Arts - badger-arts@ussu.sussex.ac.uk

The Badger includes previews of upcoming films and music. We also write reviews of local gigs and events - a great chance to get free press tickets to the best events in Brighton. We also have a 'Sussex Scrapbook' page, which includes photos, drawings, cartoons, poems, stories and so much more, submitted by students from across the student body. We want to showcase Sussex's creativity and talent!

Tech - badger-tech@ussu.sussex.ac.uk

Covering the latest trends in consumer and business technology.

Lifestyle -  badger-arts@ussu.sussex.ac.uk

See your recipes and club reviews in this section. It’s not limited, and is open to new ideas.

Sports - badger-sports@ussu.sussex.ac.uk

The sports section of the paper aims to keep you up to date with sporting successes and antics, as well as sporting features looking at national trends and the psychology of sportsmanship.

Publicity - badger-publicity@ussu.sussex.ac.uk

Events and marketing for The Badger.


We are hoping to feature as many original images as possible, and are always looking for keen photographers. Email our photo editor to find out more about photography and illustrations available.



In 2016/17, The Badger have achieved the following leaves:

The Badger have been awarded the Bronze events leaf award by the Students’ Union in recognition of their exceptional ability to organise and hold events (2016/17)

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