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Airsoft Society

Hello to all those who are already into the sport and welcome to all those who are interested in joining! This club has been set up for everyone who plays or would like to start playing airsoft.

To those who do not know what airsoft is, it is basically paintball but it involves more team based objectives. The main difference between airsoft and paintball is that airsoft weapons resemble real life firearms and it also hurts less as small plastic pellets are used instead. It's also much cheaper! We encourage cooperation and teamwork in our games through the use of squad-level tactics and communication. We promise lots of fun filled action and great stories to tell at the bar afterwards!

We will coordinate and go for regular game days, usually every fortnight and we welcome players of all ages. Our main site is currently Dogtag Airsoft at Holmbush in Crawley, but we are going to be trying out more sites to keep it fresh, such as Battlelakes in Tunbridge Wells and Bad Lands in Portsmouth. This year, in addition to our fortnightly games, we will be organising additional sessions at other nearby sites, as well as regular socials, including pub meets, campus hang-outs and laser tag evenings out in Brighton!

We also aim to go to huge events together such as the National Airsoft Event which sees a weekend full of camping, skirmishes and fun activities, as well as some great socials including joint socials with other societies!

The club can also allow long-term players to obtain a UKARA (United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association) registration which allows you to legally own a RIF (Real Imitation Firearm) – airsoft equipment in realistic colours.

Important stuff:

- For updates, pictures and details visit our Facebook page!

- If you have your own gun and face protection then get the walk on ticket.

- If you don’t have any equipment don’t worry, you only need to buy the rental ticket. You will be given a gun and full face protection on the day!

Game time is from 9am till 4.30pm for full days and 9am till 1pm on half days. We currently will be offering only half days but we have plans to set up some full days in the near future.

Ticket costs are currently £25 for a half day with equipment and £15 for any individuals with their own equipment, but tickets are limited due to how many rentals we can get. We also charge an additional £5 on top of these prices for transport to the game sites, although if you have your own transport and are willing to make your own way there then there's no problem. Tickets will also be taken down at 5pm on the Thursday before the Sunday game so we can book with our site, but feel free to contact us after that if you are still interested as we may be able to fit you in.

If you have any questions whatsoever please contact us on Facebook or by email we will get back to you as soon as we can.



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