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Lawyers Without Borders Sussex

The Sussex University student division of Lawyers Without Borders is a student society that seeks to promote human rights from a legal perspective. Sussex Lawyers Without Borders (SLWOB) work co-operatively with its parent organization Lawyers Without Borders - U.N accredited Non-Govenmental Organization ("NGO").



Our aim is to bring a culture of universal human rights enforcement on campus, as well as creating a network with national and overseas universities, law firms and research campaigns to enable students to get stuck in serious international miscarriage of justice issues as well as to acquire invaluable contacts with the most reputable figures in human rights fields. This is obviously an incredible society to get involved with as you will be building on many invaluable skills, expanding your international current awareness and human rights knowledge and researching current campaigns in various areas. To name a few:

Pro bono work (which will be professionally guided by legal mentors)

Gender based domestic violence

Sex/ Drug trafficking

Rights of children

Economic empowerment

Rights of prisoners and injustice


Negotiation and mediation

Consensus building


LWOB partners with a network of pro-bono lawyers, non-profit organisations and law students to provide high-quality research and advocacy support to legal NGOs and international organizations.

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Activities Officer - Becky Doran

Email: activities@sussexstudent.com
Office: Activities Centre, 1st floor, Falmer House

Societies and Student Media Coordinator - Charlie Temperton

Email: charlie.t@sussexstudent.com
Phone: 01273 678625
Office: Activities Centre, 1st floor, Falmer House

Societies and Student Media Administrator - Liz Alcock

Email: liz.a@sussexstudent.com
Phone: 01273 873415
Office: Activities Centre, 1st floor, Falmer House

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