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Welcome to Sussex Dance!

Sussex Dance Club is the main dance club at the University of Sussex. No matter whether you are an experienced dancer or a complete beginner, there is something for everyone and we encourage you to join us! All are welcome at Sussex Dance.

Weekly Classes

We offer weekly classes from Street, Contemporary, Ballet, Kpop, Tap, Yoga and everything in between! You can try out many different dance styles and show off your new skills in our various performances throughout the year.  You can pay per class, or buy a termly or annual society membership to get all of your classes for free. Make sure to follow our social media to keep up with what classes are on offer.

There are no auditions to join the society and everyone is welcome; including non-students. Our teachers aim to share their passion for dance and help you improve your moves in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Get in touch with us if there's something you'd like to teach too!




Dance Troupes

This year we have five dance troupes who will be entering competitions and performing in shows regularly. We have Street, Ballet, Tap, Contemporary and Jazz Troupes! We hold auditions at the beginning of both the Autumn and Spring Term and we are very excited to see some new faces. Please look out for the dates and times of the auditions on here and on our Facebook group. The link for our Facebook page can be found on the right.




On our regular socials, we go out and get to know lots of people who share the same passion for dance and enjoy a great night together. We have various themes to our socials which are fun to get involved in! There will be a variety of socials; including nights out where you can be sure we rule the dancefloor, joint events with other societies and non-drinking socials, such as dinner, movie and theatre nights or ice-skating.


Sussex Dance is all about having a great time, so put on your dancing shoes and come along! Go to our Facebook page to find our weekly schedule!


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Leaf Awards

What is the Leaf Scheme?
Leaf awards reflect contributions of the society or sports club towards its members, the University of Sussex Students’ Union, the University of Sussex, the local community and the public. Leaves can be attained at bronze, silver or gold levels by meeting three, six or nine criteria. Leaves apply for an academic year as a symbol of what the present committee have achieved.

Groups can work towards nine leaves:

CLICK HERE to see our current ranking in the Leaf Award Leader Board.

Below are the Leaves that have been achieved by previous committees:

Inclusivity Leaf

The Inclusivity Leaf is awarded to groups who have taken positive steps to increase the diversity of their membership and include as many members as possible. They have made specific efforts to include students that don’t traditionally engage, without ignoring or neglecting their current membership or other student groups.


Student Voice Leaf

The Student Voice leaf is awarded to groups who engage their members in Sussex Students’ Union campaigns, democracy and elections and influence the way the Students’ Union is run.


Social Leaf

The Social leaf is awarded to groups who have taken active steps to include as many members as possible and regularly engage in various social activities, including those organised by - and with - other societies/sports clubs.


Team Sussex Leaf

The Team Sussex leaf is awarded to groups who have made efforts to encourage collaboration and mutual support between Students’ Union groups. Groups who achieve this award have worked in collaboration with other clubs and societies to support a welcoming, inclusive and friendly team environment within clubs & societies at Sussex.


Development Leaf

The Development leaf is awarded to groups who have taken active steps to develop themselves, offer development opportunities to their members, build on the successes and failures of previous years and/or worked to maintain the high standards of previous years.


Fundraising Leaf

The Fundraising Leaf is awarded to groups who dedicate their time to organising a variety of different fundraisers. Groups who have achieved this leaf will have raised money for their own group or another group at Sussex to help fund themselves to expand and develop, as well as for local, national & international.


Events Leaf

The Events leaf is awarded to groups who have demonstrated an exceptional ability to organise and hold events on a regular basis. Such groups have also made the effort to hold joint events with other societies/sports clubs and/or the Students’ Union and the University. They have also gotten involved in cultural and community events.


Communications Leaf

The Communications Leaf is awarded to groups who communicate with their members and the student body regularly and in innovate ways.


* All Sussex Dance classes, activities and events are in accordance with the Students' Union Safer Space Policy:

In accordance with our core values, the Students’ Union is committed to creating a safe, tolerant, and inclusive environment. This means that all students should be able to participate in Union events without fear of bullying and harassment or violent, aggressive, intimidating or discriminatory behaviour. The Students’ Union encourages debate and expects all members to be able to discuss conflicting viewpoints respectfully. All members should use appropriate and respectful language when speaking, and respect others’ point of view when listening. Everyone has the responsibility to uphold these principles and challenge unacceptable conduct. If you feel that this policy is being violated at any point please raise it with a Union officer, member of staff, or sport/society committee member, or make a formal complaint.


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  • Dance 1 Year Membership£35.00
  • Dance Autumn Term Membership£25.00
  • Troupe Membership 2018/19£65.00

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