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We have been operating for over thirty years with a goal to make SCUBA diving an accessible sport for students through extensive training, varied diving opportunities and the cheapest prices possible!


If you were ever keen to explore a world unlike our own or learn a memorable, life-long skill, join us in our attempts to observe, discover and experience the seas, lakes and quays all around the world. Perhaps you are a biologist in need of scuba skills, or just curious or bored and wanting to take part in something novel. SCUBA is an extreme sport (but we teach you all the safety procedures, so it's super safe!) with a wide range of opportunities and skills. It's nature is flexible - you can challenge yourself or make use of its rather therapeutic and relaxing side; have a swim around historic wrecks or paddle along with the most incredible marine life surrounded by reefs; dive from warm beaches or between glaciers. 

We focus on diving in Britain, running trips and multitudes of different dive types (including night diving), and are a branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC), a Sports Council which is the main regulatory body of the sport established in the 50s. Its qualificaitons allow us to dive not only in Britain, but also abroad, with several international club trips we have organised over the years, including Tenerife and Cyprus.


If you are not a diver, do not fear! We have training courses for the cheapest rates possible (all your money goes towards running the course - it is non-profit!) and since we understand what it's like to be a student we have put an instalment scheme in place last year to help you cover the costs (more information here).

For already qualified divers: we run advancement courses to expand your skills! 


For all training, go to here: TRAINING INFORMATION


We also welcome qualified divers from all agencies. You can continue your training with us to a higher level or simply come diving!



We have equipment that you can use to dive with us, including all the regulators, BCDs, air tanks and wetsuits. Your membership goes towards servicing it for safety (so that we can ensure you don't have equipment issues underwater!). All of it is stored in our lockup located at the Falmer Sports Complex, where we meet before our dives and hold some of our BBQs.

Our lovely social officers also organise more such socials throughout the year, including nights out, cheese + wine evenings and film nights amongst others! We welcome all students, whether they are members or not - non-divers too!!


Useful Information

  • There is a weekly club night with theory and pool training commencing in the Autumn and open water training and diving from our boat commencing in the Spring.
  • Trips are run at various times in the year with two of our trips being annual traditions - Vobster in mid-late April and Porthkerris in late August; other trips vary (including abroad)!



PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CONTACT US BEFORE YOU BUY OUR MEMBERSHIP! We run TRY DIVES (for non-divers) and SKILL REFRESHERS (for divers). Already qualified divers can dive 2 with us before buying the membership to see whether they like us and how we do things :)

NON-SUSSEX STUDENTS (inc. graduates) CAN ALSO JOIN US - the associate membership gives you all the same privileges and opportunities as our standard membership!


REMEMBER TO JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP AND WHATSAPP GROUPS to keep up to date with our dives, socials and events!! :)





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Some sports memberships are temporarily unavailable while we resolve an IT issue. We hope to get them back online as soon as possible.


  • Sub Aqua Standard Membership£70.00

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  • Cyprus Accomodation Deposit£95.00

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Other useful contacts

Activities Officer - Becky Doran

Email: activities@sussexstudent.com
Office: Activities Centre, 1st floor, Falmer House

Sports and Societies Development Manager - Sarah Hall

Email: sarah.h@sussexstudent.com
Phone: 01273 877322
Office: Activities Centre, 1st floor, Falmer House

Sports Assistant - Amber Wallace

Email: amber.w@sussexstudent.com
Phone: 01273 873387
Office: Activities Centre, 1st floor, Falmer House

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