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Roots (Communal Gardening) Society


There’s something very exciting happening at the University of Sussex. Sussex Roots have been working on a brand new site for our communal allotment and we want YOU to get involved! Take part in creating something very special for your campus that future students will enjoy for years and years to come. What’s more is you’ll be rewarded throughout the process!


You’ll get to eat fresh, organic food like you've never tasted before and it won’t cost you a penny.
You’ll learn skills that will stay with you forever: Horticulture, permaculture, woodwork, eco-building much much more.
We meet Wednesdays and Sundays from 1pm to work on the space we have.
On the hill behind the Park Village halls of residence... the new kids plot is to the left of Norwich House!
Follow our Facebook page to keep up to date, and click on the groups tab to join our Facebook group too!
“But I don’t know a thing about gardening! How could I possibly be any help?”
That’s exactly why we want you! We are all learning from each other and you could too. We’re very welcome to fresh ideas. Don’t worry if you’re not a shovel-toting digger or a muddy-handed planter; we definitely have an activity for you. 
“But i don’t even like vegetables.. what’s in it for me?”
Our allotment offers a lot more than vegetables. Don’t you want to have a go at building a sculpture out of natural materials? What about learning a thing or two about solar power? Also, strawberries.
"I'd love to but I just don't think I have the time."
You'd be amazed at how much space you can create in a busy brain after an hour of working on the plot. You will find yourself with more time than you started with!
Being up on the plot is a really really good way of escaping the stress of student life. You’ll be out on the hill overlooking campus in the fresh air, relaxing your mind from workloads (and hangovers). It's great exercise too but unlike the gym it gives you tomatoes in September (taste the d*ff***nce cherry toms are no comparison). All this while doing the environment a service and helping to bring the university to ‘transition’ status: http://peopleandplanet.org/goinggreener
If you'd like to know more send us an email, join us on our Facebook group, or just come and find us at the allotment from 1pm on a Wednesday or a Sunday :)
FYI: Anything you want to grow, we want to grow too!
See you up on the hill!

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