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BSMS Refugee Support


Helloo, we are a group of students from BSMS, but members from all parts of the university are welcome. We want to ensure that what is happening in Calais and Dunkirk does not become forgotten, and to highlight the crisis of inaction of our government. Hopefully, we will also provide avenues through which students can act to provide support to refugees and show solidarity. 

Currently the committee members of our society are: 

Georgia Blackwell-Green, Fraser Kenny, Harry Cross, Izzy Dickenson, Rabiah Neerahoo and Zahra Khan. 

Our aims: 

1. Raise awareness of the situation for refugees in Europe/globally

2. Fundraise for a few of the NGOs supporting refugees - with a focus on The School Bus Project

3. Organise talks about pertinent issues and also to disseminate relevant events other groups are organising

4. To run collections

5. Organise trips to volunteer in Calais and Dunkirk

6. To be a resource for other students to ask questions about the situation for refugees and how they can help

7. Working in conjunction with other student led bodies 

The School Bus Project 

We chose to fundraise for The School Bus Project as the work they do is really important and we are currently building a partnership between them and our university. They operate on the basis that education is a human right, and the converted bus acts as a classroom. Volunteers work with refugees to plan and deliver interactive lessons. Many of the refugees in Calais and Dunkirk are minors and their education has been significantly disrupted because of displacement. Human rights abuses and police brutality are part of daily life. The School Bus Project aims to provide a safe space for refugees, to give at least some restbite from the harsh realities of Calais and Dunkirk. As of 2019 they will be expanding their project to Greece as well, working in the camps there. We will be organising fundraising events for them throughout the year.  

Volunteering in Calais and Dunkirk 

Before we were an official society, we organised our first trip to volunteer in Calais and Dunkirk for the weekend. Help Refugees run a warehouse in the industrial part of Calais. This is where incoming donations are sorted, Refugee Community Kitchen cook thousands of meals per day, the wood yard prepares bags of firewood, and the distribution teams organise and prepare their distributions. Short-term volunteers are important as they help with the general running of the warehouse and kitchen. Members of our group spent time washing up, peeling and chopping vegetables, sorting through clothes, sewing repairs in SewHo and chopping up wood for kindling. We will be organising volunteer trips once a term. Join our Facebook group to find out more.  

Other Events  

We will be organising talks and workshops throughout the year. Please join our Facebook group to find out exactly what, where and when. 

Thank you!

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