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What We Do

Sussex RAG has three main sectors that you can get involved in; events, volunteering and challenges. 


The committee is always busy putting events together for our sponsored charities and our challenge participants also run their own events, meaning that there is always something going on! We have many events planned , Here is what is coming up, 

Thursday 11th Oct - Fatpopaddys at the Haunt , we can get you a discounted ticket and queue skip! There will also be a glitter stall so you will sparkle on the dancefloor! 


What is Jailbreak ? Students have 36 hours to get as far away from Universtiy without spending any of their own money ! 

When: February (Date TBC)

How to sign  up and get more info follow the link:


Each year we team up with charities to provide you with once in a life time opportunities around the globe. Through sponsorship and fundraising, challenges raise a substantial proportion of RAG's fundraising total. If you're looking to give all you've got to the cause, choose your challenge!