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Q-Soc is about Physics, but mostly about having a good time. We welcome students from any discipline who’ve got an interest in physics. We have a variety of events coming up, from academic lectures, to fun physics challenges, and plenty of social events, and we’d love to see you there!

Q-Soc Trip to the Science Museum, London

Q-Soc is going to the Science Museum in London on Saturday 2nd November. We'll be meeting around 10am in Brighton and then getting the train as a group to the Science Museum. You can buy a ticket using the link below:

We welcome anyone from both physics and beyond. If you have any trouble purchasing tickets, please email us at qsoc@societies.sussexstudent.com

Our Events

These are our upcoming events:

Friday 11/10 Laser Tag Night - Lazer Zone Brighton
Thursday 17/10 Hidden Figures Film night for Black History Month
Thursday 24/10 Physics Challenge
Saturday 02/11 Trip to the Science Museum, London!

If any non-Sussex students would like to get involved with out events, then please just email us at qsoc@societies.sussexstudent.com and then you'll be welcome to come along and join us at any of our events!

Our Committee

This year we have expanded to ten committee members! Please feel free to contact any of us if you have any queries.
We have a dedicated welfare and inclusivity officer, Dhru Gohil, who's job it is to make sure that everyone feels welcome at QSoc events. If you need to contact him for any reasons, then please use the email below.

  • Alex Maraio - President am963@sussex.ac.uk
  • Alex Sicilia - Vice-President at489@sussex.ac.uk
  • Louis Burgess - Treasurer lmdb20@sussex.ac.uk
  • Zoë Earnshaw - Secretary ze33@sussex.ac.uk
  • Sam Morgan - Engagement stm27@sussex.ac.uk
  • Alexandros Mantzoros - Events am982@sussex.ac.uk
  • Amelia Markfort - Communications am948@sussex.ac.uk
  • Dhru Gohil - Inclusivity dsg22@sussex.ac.uk
  • Poppy Joshi - Official QSoc driver pj67@sussex.ac.uk
  • Luke McHugh - Official laser boi ljm53@sussex.ac.uk

Physics Ball 2019

2019 marked the return of the responsibility of organising the annual physics ball to Q-Soc. It was hosted in the Grand Hotel, Brighton and was a night full of fun, music and entertainment. Here's some of our favrioute pictures of the event. We'd love to see you next year!


Our Previous Events

These are the events that we have run previously in the academic year:

Monday Freshers Week MPS Quiz Hosted By SUMS and QSoc - Creativity Zone, Pevensey III
Tuesday Freshers Week Suusex Universe Lecture - Dr Matt Large
Wednesday Freshers Week Games Night With Maths - Creativity Zone, Pevensey III
Friday 04/10 Pub Crawl Night Out!
28/9 Pub Crawl
03/10 Physics Challenge - The Tower
11/10 Film Night
18/10 DocSoc Crossover
25/10 LAN Party
01/11 Film Night - The Challenger Disaster
08/11 Sussex Universe Lecture
16/11 Laser Tag Night Out
Weds 28/11 The Planetarium - Outreach With Darren
Thurs 06/12 Games Night
Thursday 28/03 Wii Gaming Night - Pevensey III 3C6
Friday 05/04 Poker Night! - Gauss House

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Other useful contacts

Activities Officer - Becky Doran

Email: activities@sussexstudent.com
Office: Activities Centre, 1st floor, Falmer House

Societies Administrators - Joanna & Tierney

Email: societies@sussexstudent.com
Phone: 01273 873415
Office: Union Hub, 1st floor, Falmer House

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