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Fancy trying something new? Love the outdoors? Bit of an adrenaline junkie? Well Climbing with us at Sussex could be your perfect society.  We climb twice a week at our local indoor climbing centres, but, if indoor climbing isn’t your thing, we are doing 3 outdoor trips a term. 2 UK bound to sample the finest rock and mountians the UK has to offer! with 1 trip at the end of each term to somewere beyond our coastline! Last year we went to El Chorro, Spain, and Paklenica, Croatia!


Membership for the club grants you access to the Wednesday sessions which will include, free entry to the centre all year (worth £120), basic tutoring to make sure you are safe and a chance to climb with a group of people that love climbing as much as you do! The membership also includes priority for gear and equipment at our indoor sessions but also access to our outdoor trips. Not only do you have access to our Wednesday sessions and priority for our trips, you also are automatically part of the BMC (British Mountaineering Club), worth £10!, which will grant you access to store discounts and much more! Plus you get access to heavily discounted club t-shirts!

The more of you that sign up the more gear and activities we will be able to provide! But if you can't afford it, or don't wish to get a membership you're still more than welcome to come along to all our sessions on Wednesday afternoons and Sunday evenings.

If you are only here for one term then you can pay for the full membership now and get half refunded at the end of January! 


Indoor Sessions

The club climb together twice a week. On a Wednesday afternoon we go to High Sports, Preston Park. These sessions don’t have a specific start time, but most people try and get to the centre for around 3pm. It’s easy to get to from both on and off campus. If you’re on campus people meet in Falmer house at 2pm and either cycle, take the train and if you’re lucky get a lift. These sessions run throughout term time, more specific dates will be confirmed nearer the time. We also have a subset of really active climbers who climb more than than just wedneday and sunday, we often post on the facebook group to see if you want to tag along! 

Now in its third year our partnership with active US allows students to climb for 2 hours for only £2.50. The sessions take place at Boulder Brighton in Portslade. Your £2.50 will give you access to the centre and a coach there and back! So there is no excuse not to come and climb with US! No fear if your are not on campus its just as easy to get the 49 bus or the train.


We do multiple trips each term to every corner of the UK. Trips include accommodation, food and climbing equipment. We aim to make our trips as cheap as possible with UK bound trips aiming to be around £45. Places go fast so make sure you buy your membership and keep an eye out for the tickets! 
Last year our first trip was to Portland in Dorset and you can check out our climbing antics in this video:

This year our first trip will be to Cheddar Gorge! The trip will be during the week-end of the 13th to the 15th October. Tickets will be available soon so make sure you are a member! 
We are also planning international climbing adventures for the fourth year in a row! Last year we went to both El Chorro, Spain, and Paklenica, Croatia, and the year before that we went to Chamonix. This year we're planning on heading back to sunny Spain for our mid-year trip! Our final escapade in the summer is, drumm roll please... well, we haven't got that far yet, but there will be a final trip to another exotic location!   


Club T-Shirt design

We will have club t-shirts avalible to purchase for a very reasonable price halfway through first term so that everyone can buy one and rep our club!

Last year we bought white t-shirts and tie-dyed them!! 


This year we are taking part in LUBE (London University Bouldering Event)! LUBE is a student run, not for profit, national bouldering competition open to any university team that wishes to compete. It takes place over 4 rounds at venues across London. Each team is made up of 8 climbers (2x teams of 3 members (mixed) and 2 individuals). There is a total of 25 routes and each climber is given 3 hours to complete as many routes as they can. Prizes are awarded to the top three men and women at each round and the overall top three men, women and university teams at the final round. The first round will be held at Stronghold (check out their website here: https://www.thestrongholduk.com) on the 28th October 2017; the second round will be at Craggy Island Sutton (check out their website here: http://www.craggy-island.com/sutton-climbing-centre/overview-sutton) on the 25th November 2017; the third round will be on the 3rd February 2018 (location to be confirmed); and the fourth and final round will be at Vauxhall Climbing Centre (check out their website here: http://www.vauxwallclimbing.co.uk) on the 3rd of March 2018. You don't need to be Shauna Coxsey or Ashima Shiraishi or Adam Ondra to enter the competition - we go to these events to have fun and show people the competitive side of climbing! These competitions are free to members of the USMC (apart from transport) so if this sounds like your cup of tea then go buy that membership!

This year we want to have regular socials 3 each semester and these will be arranged by our wonderful social sec who will stay in touch with you over email and Facebook so make sure you follow us on our social media sites! Our first social is on Thursday the 5th of October! We will meet at Falmer Bar at 7:30pm and then make our way to Pav Tav and end up in the Haunt! Come meet us and get to know us better at our social!



Don’t hesitate to contact any of the committee or the climbing activators by Facebook, Twitter, Email or face to face!


Meet your comittee

President:  Dan Harrison 

For those of you who don't know me I'm a keen climber studying maths (third year) and trips sec for the club.

I have been an active member of the USMC for the last three years and a committee member for two years. During my time in the club I have learnt what is required of each of the roles in the committee ,and the responsibilities of the president. This will allow me to effectively organise , and work with the rest of the committee.

As the President my aims would be to;

  • Get as many people as possible climbing outdoors. From seasoned veterans to total beginners.
  • Organising the trips efficiently so that newcomers aren't left standing around , and allowing experienced climbers quality time with their rocks.
  • I will keep the trips varied from sea cliffs and boulders to larger mountains and hiking trips, something for every climber.
  • Keeping Wednesday sessions at High sports running smoothly ,teaching beginners safe climbing techniques and extending the Wednesday sessions to the end of the summer term.
  • Vary the socials to keep things fresh , offering a mix of events to appeal to everyone.
  • Working towards a good social network allowing people to make their own trips or socials and more fun for everybody!
  • Create fundraising events in order to help towards the clubs gear supply and subsidies climbing trips.
  • Have consistent social media presence, such as videos photos or updates,bolstering the clubs memberships and keeping current climbers psyched!
  • Create more competitive options for people looking to test themselves indoors.

Over the last few years the club has grown to be one of the biggest clubs on campus , vote for me so I can deliver the full UMSC experience to everyone.




Trips Secretaries:

Beata Wozniak

Hello everyone! I am a second year Neuroscience student and have been a member of the USMC for the last two years. I am a passionate climber and I have experience climbing both indoors and out. This will allow me to organize the trips effectively, and make sure everyone is climbing safely. At the wall or on the rocks. My favourite UK climbing destinations are Blacknor, LPT and Slate quarries. I have also climbed abroad on self-organized trips to El Chorro (Spain), Siurana (Spain) and Mallorca and on a club’s trip to Chamonix (French Alps). I would like to put my experience to good use by being involved in running the trips and I would like to get others excited about climbing. Climbing long, sport routes is my thing but I have recently got into trad. My plan for this year is to gain more experience in trad climbing and rope techniques, including self-rescue (did a bit of this during a 6 days climbing course in Poland) and I would like to share this experience with you guys.



George "Gnarly" Allen 

Hey, I’m George (gnarly) Allen, most of you guys know me from climbing at Highsports, Boulder Brighton or the being the DRIVING force behind the awesome trips. I’m applying for trips sec for next year to make sure we keep climbing in awesome places and have as many as we can! I’ll make sure the trips are accessible to as many people as possible and most importantly keep the cost down. I’ve been on all the trips organised this year so I’ve come accustomed to what is required and I know I am up to the task. George, JUST THE TrIP




Social Sec: Charlotte Eaton 


The Pavilion Tavern, The Haunt and Casablanca’s. Three wonderful establishments and firm favourites that have hosted USMC in the past. Under my careful organisation and social prowess, I promise we can revisit these locations as well as other such venues as Hobgoblin, perhaps on a ‘Tequila Tuesday’. However, if you have inadequate taste buds that don’t appreciate the sour juiciness of a lime after the strong burning of a supreme spirit (all for £1 a shot!!), I’m sure there are other alcoholic beverages available that can satisfy and intoxicate your minds. With me as social sec I guarantee ‘only one drink’ will be a phrase of the past.




Finance Sec: Will Fried

Hi, my name is William and I am the club treasurer. I’ve been climbing for the past 2 and half year, mainly around the UK. I prefer trad climbing and long multi-pitch. The feeling you get once you reached the top is so great! Apart from climbing, I enjoy hiking, backpacking and cycling. At Sussex, I am in my third year of PhD in computer science. To be more precise, I am looking at how to stimulate your sense of touch in tomorrow’s technology. Anyway, fuck the PhD and let’s go CLIMBING!




Media and Events Sec: Nikoline Gjørtz

Hey I’m Nikoline but call me Niks. I’m the media, communications and events secretary. I’ve been climbing for about two and a half years now and I absolutely love it! The USMC is like a family to me and I love meeting new people. Climbing is a big part of my life but so is film and photography. I’m currently doing a Masters in Filmmaking and I aim to make rad videos about climbing to show people how awesome it is! You will most often see me with a camera in my hand trying to get some great shots of you climbing but if you don’t want me to take photos of you just let me know and I’ll point it somewhere else! 




Gear Sec: Alex Woodhead

I have over 6 years professional experience in the rock climbing industry, including over a year in charge of all equipment ordering and four years responsible for equipment maintenance. Through this, I currently hold national qualifications in instructing with views on attaining further qualifications in mountain climbing. Alongside working, I have been climbing for almost 15 years both indoors and outdoors in a large variety of gyms and crags. I have always had a passion for giving new climbers the opportunity and knowledge to get into climbing, and for seeing them discover all the benefits it entails. If elected for the gear committee role I would aim to bring all the gear and its tracking up to a professional standard. This would ensure that all gear is then individually trackable, making maintenance easier and reduce the amount of gear lost. I would also look at better ways of storing equipment at high sports to make it more accessible and easier to put away.

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