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Marxism is a political theory which says that the only way to secure real change is through the revolutionary transformation of today's capitalist system to socialism, where society’s vast wealth is democratically owned and controlled by and for the good of ordinary people, rather than for the profits of a tiny minority. The Sussex Marxist Society was founded to discuss these ideas and their relevance to contemporary events. We are affiliated to the Marxist Student Federation which advocates for socialism in universities nationally.

The leaders of the capitalist system cannot find a solution to its problems. The world economy is threatening to slip into another global crisis, while governments have carried out harsh austerity since the last crisis. Imperialist wars of the past twenty years have left the Middle East bleeding at the hands of Daesh and caused a refugee crisis in Europe. Palestine remains under the thumb of Israeli imperialists.

However, the Arab Spring and the movements around Podemos in Spain, SYRIZA in Greece and Jeremy Corbyn in Britain show that people are fed up with austerity and capitalism. In this climate, it is vital that we are educated in the ideas of Marxism in order to provide a socialist alternative.

We meet every Wednesday 6-8pm in Fulton 113. All opinions welcome!


Spring Term 2016 Programme

03/02 What Will Socialism Look Like?

10/02 The Corbyn Revolution

17/02 Podemos and the Class Struggle in Spain

24/02 2016: The Coming Crisis

02/03 Marxism and the Environmental Crisis

09/03 Scottish Independence: Yes or No?

16/03 The EU and the Socialist Alternative

06/04 Marxism or Anarchism?

13/04 What is Human Nature?

20/04 Marxism vs Stalinism

27/04 Marxism and Feminism

04/05 End of Term Social

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