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Sussex Hellenic Society


The Hellenic Society of Sussex is aimed towards students from all backgrounds, which share an interest and love for the Hellenic culture. We will be organizing trips, events, activities & socials in order to foster the Hellenic culture, language, history and customs. Our society will be working closely with the Hellenic Society of Brighton University as well as the official Brighton Greeks community & the Greek Orthodox Church.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide support and community of current and incoming Greek and Cypriot students at the University of Sussex. 



There is currently no membership fee charge for the Hellenic Society, so hurry up and join us today if you love the Greek culturue, food, people or all of the above!


Having some of the most beautiful beaches in the medeterianian means that we need to stay in shape for summer! The Hellenic Society will be organising several sports events for all it's members including, football games, basketball and many more. We will also be working closely with Active US, so stay tuned on our Social Media for all the lovely activities we will be involved in.


We will be organizing trips to several places around Brighton and the rest of the UK! These trips will include a hike to the 7 sisters, day trip to the little beautiful Lewes Town and many other adventures


As much as we love to eat, we also love to party! Come and join the amazing Greek Club Nights and Other socials which are organized by both the Hellenic Society and the Brighton Greeks community!

Other Events

The Hellenic Society in assosiation with the Greek Orthodox Church and the Brighton Greeks community will be organising dinners, Greek BBQ's and other activities with Greek community



The Hellenic Society is declaring the Safe space policy for all its event’s activities and meetings. If you are not aware of this policy please take the time to read it.  http://www.sussexstudent.com/about-us/policies/safer-space/

How 'bout we.. keep in touch!


Hellenic society have been awarded the bronze events leaf award by the Students’ Union in recognition of their exceptional ability to organise and hold events (2015/16)

Hellenic society have been awarded the silver development leaf award by the Students’ Union in recognition of their efforts to develop themselves as a society, build on the successes and failures of previous years and offer new exciting opportunities for Sussex students (2015/16)

Hellenic society have been awarded the gold inclusivity leaf award by the Students’ Union in recognition of their positive efforts to increase membership within their society and include as many members as possible (2015/16)

Hellenic society have been awarded the gold social leaf award by the Students' Union in recognition of the fun and engaging social activities they put on for their members (2015/16)

Hellenic Society


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Our schedule

Please contact us directly for details of meetings & events

Our news

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Operations Officer

- Andreas Georgiades

Communications Officer

- Andrea Pitta

- Danae Stephanou

Sports Officer

- Antony Kalfayan 

- Chris Karamallis 

PR Officer

- Anastasis Koutsou

- Christina Sessa 

Media Officer

- Antonios Kotsonias


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