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The University of Sussex Fencing Club welcomes you!


For information and entries for the Brighton Open 2015 please see our event page on the right hand side of this page


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Very experienced or utterly at sea, the Fencing Club would love to see you join us on a Tuesday evening at 8pm-10pm in Falmer Sports Complex. Everyone is welcome, kit is provided (though if you do own kit please bring it), and our more experienced team members help our excellent local coach Angela Goodall with our coaching. Turn up in loose fitting trousers, sports-friendly top and trainers. No shorts or flip-flops please! 

For those interested in competetive fencing, we have 1st and 2nd teams for both men and women which rotate around the BUCs circuit at an advanced or intermediate level. This is an excellent way for advanced fencers to keep in shape as well as for intermediate and beginner fencers to gain experience in competitive fencing. We also send some fencers to international events (our favourite one is in Paris) as well as hosting our very own Brighton Open! 

But we're not all competitive. If you want to just come along and learn how to swordfight with panache as a way to destress from your uni life, it would be lovely to have you! Fencing is a unique and fascinating sport that excercises both the mind and body, the perfect 'new thing' everybody goes to uni to try. 

Hope to see you soon!


Results of the Brighton Open 2015

Men's Foil

1.James Brosnan- Salle Paul
2.William Price- Saxons
3.Luke Deamer- Crawley sword
3. Phillip Kastner- Cyrano
5. Stephan Conroy- Northampton
6. Nick Fihosy- Salle Boston
7.Thomas Parsons- Cyrano
8. Raffele Lagattolla- University of Sussex
9. Max Weedon- Army
10.Christopher Mollard -
11. Ben Andrews - Salle Paul
12. Douglas Ashby- St Benedicts
13. Shaz Shahrai- University of Sussex
14. Gerard Lavin- Salle Boston
15. Alexander Wilson- Cobham
16. Nick Mort- Saxons
17. Alex Savin - Salle Boston
18. Stephen Topp - Salle Boston
19. Paul Lowen- Saxons
20. Emmanuel Oluwarounke- University of sussex
21. Alexander Redding- Colchester and district fencing club

22. John Watt – Crawley sword
23. Oliver Ingham Clark – University of Sussex
24. Ronnie Devitt- Cyrano
25. Billy Holt – Cyrano
26. Owen Grosvenor- PDFA
27. Oscar O’Hara- Chichester fencing club
28. Kenny Jones- Fighting fit
29. Ryan Thwaites- University of Sussex
30. Matthew Jerome- Salle Boston
31. John Gilman- Salle Boston
32. Paul Harden- Saxons
33. Jerry Brosnan- Salle Paul
34. Brian Causton- Brighton and Hove
35. Jim Whelan- Portslade
36. Martin Stocker- Crawley sword
37. Alexander Paternott- University of Sussex
38. Richard Johnson- Saxons
39. Lennart Balkenhol- University of Sussex
40. Scott Sandeman- Bishop Challoner school
41. Christopher Brasted- London fencing club
42. James Alger – University of Sussex
43. Richard Hieatt- Crawley sword
44. Josh Tyrrell- University of Sussex

Women's foil

1. Charlotte Fairmain- Club Escrime Winchester 
2. Amy Hyman- Salle Boston 
3. Erika Cserny – Central London fencing club 
3. Oxana Mikhaleva- Saxon
5. Melissa kozlenko- Chelmsford fencing club 
6. Eleanor Bacchus – University of Cambridge
7. Zöe Nichols- Crawley Sword 
8. Helen Easter- Maidstone 
9. Chloe Hooper- Royal Holloway
10. Nicole Kelly- University of Kent 
11. Nadya Yordanova- Bexley 
12. Alice de Whalley- University of Sussex
13. Stephanie McCabe -  University of Sussex
14. Lucy Hoult- Invicta 
15. Tiara McComish- Portsmouth and southsea
16. Katerina Labanicova - London fencing club
17. Bronte Loy- University of Kent

Men's Epee

1.            BEDANI V                             SALLE GADASKI

2.            WEEDON M                        ARMY

3.            MILLER W                            EASTBOURNE

3.            RUSSELL J                            SURREY SWORDS

5.            CUMMINS R                       REGENT

6.            DE BURGH E                       SALLE GADASKI

7.            STIGANT D                          REDHILL AND REIGATE

8.            RICHARDSON M                 WIMBLEDON

9.            JOYNER J                              GRAVESHAM

10.          WEST H                                 LONDON THAMES

11.          MUNN S                              HAVERSTOCK

12.          BROSNAN J                         SALLE PAUL

13.          SMITH C                               BEXLEY

14.          BARNETT K                          TRURO

15.          SWAN A                               BRIGHTON & HOVE

16.          SHANNON J                        PLYMOUTH UNIVERSITY

17.          TREDGER D                         CRAWLEY

18.          MOULTON G                      STREATHAM

19.          STUART J                             REDHILL & REIGATE

20.          CARTER A                            LEWES

21.          LUCAS T                               BRIXTON

22.          MAYNARD C                       EGHAM

23.          SALLONS A                          UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX FENCING CLUB

24.          BLACKMORE N                  IMPERIAL

25.          GEARY M                             ROYAL BLADES

26.          BURWOOD G                     UNIVERSITY OF BRIGHTON

27.          HYDE J                                   TENTERTON SWORDS

28.          YAKOVLIEV Y                      UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX FENCING CLUB

29.          THWAITES R                       UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX FENCING CLUB

30.          PINK S                                   TUNBRIDGE WELLS

31.          WALKER P                           BEXLEY

32.          ELLIOTT R                             CHICHESTER

33.          BEADLE P                             CHICHESTER

34.          O’DONOGHUE O              LEWES

35.          STIGANT L                           OXFORD UNIVERSITY FENCING CLUB

36.          SNOW T                               EASTBOURNE

37.          STUART J                             REDHILL & REIGATE

38.          MCMAHON T                     LONDON THAMES

39.          SHAHRANI S                       UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX FENCING CLUB

40.          BLACKMORE S                   RGS HIGH WYCOMBE

41.          BALKENHOL L                     UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX FENCING CLUB

42.          ALCOCK C                            STREATHAM

43.          WHELAN J                           PORTSLADE

44.          HOGGINS J                         LEWES

45.          HOLT J                                   HAVERSTOCK

46.          PEEL-BARNARD                 TUNBRIDGE WELLS

48.          BUCKNOR N                       N/A

49.          HOLT O                                 HAVERSTOCK


51.          CHUGHTAI H                      IMPERIAL COLLEGE

52.          MITCHELL C                        BEXLEY

53.          JACKSON N                         UNIVERSITY OF SURREY

54.          MCKAY D                             WESSEX

55.          MANKELOW G                  LEWES FENCING

56.          ALGER J                             UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX FENCING CLUB

57.          WINTER E                            UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX FENCING CLUB


Women's Epee

1. Marg Oniye - Haverstock
2. Nicola Hull – Dream fencing club
3. Charlotte Beadle – Chichester
3. Holly Snellin – Gravesham
5. Nicole Kelly- University of Kent
6. Sarah Steacy –Crawley Sword
7. Hannah Atkins – University of Sussex
8. Megan Redding – Colchester and District Fencing club
9.Francesca Aston- University of Sussex
10. Gerry Koeva- Central London Fencing club
11. Veronika Mocsari- Lewes
12. Della Bowley – Dream Fencing club
13. Jacki Hall- Lewes

Men's Sabre

1. Dan Wide – University of Surrey
2. Fergus Rees-Gildea- University of Sussex
3. Stuart Harris- MX fencing
3. David Lucas- Swindon
5.Alistair Venn- Saxon
6. Harry Paffett – seacourt
7.Mike Smith – Brighton and Hove
8. Joseph Kellet – University of Manchester
9. William Cleary – University of Sussex
10.Henry Adams- University of Sussex
11. Adrian Medhurst- Saxon
12. Jared Thornton- University of Portsmouth
13. Paul Harden –Saxon
14. Tony Bardell – Watford fencing club
15. Jack Diacono- University of Sussex
16. Samuel James Martin- Crawley sword

Women's Sabre
1. Katrine Viken - City
2. Laycy Elys –Pegasus Escrine
3. Laura Faye –Crawley Sword
3. Chloe Hooper - Royal Holloway
5. Maria Michailidou – University of Sussex
6. Angela Garland – University of Leicester



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