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Ballroom & Latin Dancing Society

About us...

The Ballroom and Latin society aims to provide professional dance tuition to all individuals of all abilities and goals, from beginners to experienced dancers. Whether you are an ex-competitor wanting competitive coaching or whether you want to achieve the unique fitness Ballroom and Latin dancing offers, or if you just want to have fun and meet people whilst learning to dance properly and activate your body, this society caters for all.

Ever wanted to dance like they do in the movies? Sweep someone off their feet? Learn to dance like they do on Strictly Come dancing? Our fun inclusive classes range from a beginner’s standard of dance to more challenging intermediate level, where everyone is welcome. Whether it be the waltz or the tango you’re interested in, we cover it all. Professional instruction is provided in a relaxed, enjoyable and approachable environment. Strictly Sussex is run by students who work to make sure the society is about more than just learning to dance. Every fortnight socials take place, as a chance to get to know your potential dance partners! From laser tag, movie nights to Christmas/spring balls there is an event to suit everyone throughout the course of the year. So whether you are looking to learn a new skill, build on an existing skill or to meet new people and have a dance, Strictly Sussex is welcome to all! We also offer opportunities to those who may wish to compete in competitions ran outside of the society  as well as the chance to perform in our very own showcase this academic year 18/19 (details to come, watch this space!).

We update our Facebook reguarly with class updates and socials so check us out and get involved!


Beginners Class -

Wednesday 6-7pm Mandella Hall, Falmer House

Intermediates Class -

Wednesday 7-8pm Mandella Hall, Falmer House

Membership is £5 for the year and then individual classes cost £2 on the day, so you can come to as many or as few as you'd like. If you don't want to become a member then classes are £3 on the day. 

If you are not a Sussex Student then you can still become and associate member of the society by creating a guest account on the SU website then joining the society. You will then be prompted to pay the associates membership fee. More information can be found at: https://www.sussexstudent.com/about-us/our-members/

Your 2018/19 Committee!!!

As a group we would like to welcome you all to the Ballroom & Latin Society and hope you grow to love this group as much as we all do! 

Co-Presidents - Sophia Turner & Ellie Symonds (slt37@sussex.ac.uk & es437@sussex.ac.uk)

Hi everyone! I am Ellie and I will be your join president with Sophia this year! I am a 4th year maths student and have been with Ballroom & Latin since my first year. Being a part of this society has really been the high point of my time at uni as I have met the loveliest people and been able to take part in some really great experiences! I feel so lucky to be spending another year on committee for the society and be able to see where this society goes as it continues to improve! Looking foward to spending another year with you all and don't hesitate to get in touch if you need anything or have any questions! 

My name is Sophia and I am your joint President/ Communications Officer this year with Ellie! I am in my third year studying Psychology and have done ballroom and latin since I was 10 years old. I have always loved watching Strictly Come Dancing, so coming to uni I was very keen to get involved with the society! Ballroom & Latin at Sussex has become my home away from home and has provided me with so many opportunities! Not sure how I would have survived University Stress without these wonderful people and dancing! I am looking foward to my second year on committtee, making our stamp on the society and making a name for ourselves at Sussex! If you have any questions or queries or want to be put in contact with anyone feel free to drop me and email or message me on our social medias! 

Treasurer - Sydney Routley (smr34@sussex.ac.uk)

Hi guys, a quick introduction to me! I am Sydney and I shall be your treasurer. I am a third year geography and international development student. More importantly, Ballroom & Latin has been my home away from home since my first year at Sussex. I joined with zero dance experience, hoping to overcome my two left feet and have a good time, and this society certainly provided! It's a fun and loving bunch of people who care not about your dancing ability, and are lovely to hang out with at class and our regular socials! I am excited to be on committee and I can't wait to dance with you guys for a third year! 

Socials & Events Coordinator - Jess Shanahan (jes38@sussex.ac.uk)

Hi! I'm Jess and I will be organising all the socials and events for the society this year! I joined Ballroom & Latin half way through my freshers year at sussex after having done other styles of dance all my life, but I had never done ballroom and really wanted to learn how to dance like on Strictly! I am a 3rd year criminology student and enjoy musicals, old movies and (obviously) dancing! Ballroom and Latin is such an inclusive group where not only do you learn to dance but everyone is made to feel so welcome and like they are a part of something amazing! I have big plans for the society this year with lots of fun and exciting socials (with many exciting themes), fundraising events, volunteering and community projects, competitions and our first ever Ballroom & Latin charity showcase! I hope you all are really excited for what we have planned for you this year and I'm really hoping I am able to help make this year amazing (no pressure!). If you have any questions or ideas feel free to contact me on facebook (Jessica Ellen Shanahan) or via my email! I can't wait to work with you all this year!

Welfare Officer - Becky Hale (rhj42@sussex.ac.uk)

Hi everyone, I'm Becky! I will be your welfare officer for this year! I am a 4th year neuroscience student and I joined Ballroom & Latin in my second year with the hope to learn some of the beautiful dances you see on Strictly! Over the past two years I have not only learnt how to dance, but also how amazing this group is! Everyone has been welcoming since day one and the group works to include everyone from those who are experienced in dancing to those who have never danced before. My hope this year is to spread that joy and friendliness more. So in that spirit, feel free to send me an email with any questions or queries! 

As our Welfare Officer, Becky will be your go-to contact for any issues regarding welfare and inclusivity. If you feel you have any issues that you would like to discuss with somebody trained in assisting or finding help with personal welfare issues; if you feel like you are not included; if you have ideas about how we could be more inclusive as a society or if you want to talk to somebody - then Becky will be your go-to contact within the society! Her email (along with the other committee members) is listed above or talk to her (or any of the committee) at our classes or through our social media pages. 


Common Questions! 

Do I need any experience in dancing?
Not at all! We pride ourselves on the fact that we welcome everybody no matter your dance ability or experience!

Do I need a partner?
Not at all! One of the great things about Ballroom and Latin is that it's a fantastic way to meet new people as we mix up partners with whoever is at the class that week. You will get to dance with lots of different people from the society - and if your nervous about dancing with a stranger do not worry - everybody is really lovely and welcoming!!!

What do I need to wear ?
Wear whatever you feel comfortable in! As long as you can move in it freely you will be fine! In regards to footwear it's up to you - some of our members wear ballroom and latin dance shoes however most just wear trainers or dance in their socks! 

Where are classes usually?
Most of our classes are in Mandella Hall on the first floor of Falmer House, however on the occasions where this is not the case it will be updated on our social media pages so make sure you are following us on facebook and instagram (@strictlysussex)! 

Do you do any competitions and/or shows?
We have in the past and plan to this year. We not only compete in the annual Sussex got to dance competition, but this year we are all excited about our first ever Ballroom & Latin charity showocase that will be taking place in February 2019! However, if you do not want to compete or peform in shows you do not have to - it's entirely up to you! 

Do you do socials?
Absolutley! We have an exicting socials timetable planned for this year with a social once every two weeks - as well as many other events scattered in amongst these to keep you on your toes! 


In February 2019 our FIRST EVER SHOW will be taking place in Mandela Hall raising money for two charities that our important to our members. Action for ME is a charity which takes action to raise awareness for ME - an all too often overlooked condition - and help make sure the needs of those with the condition are met enabling them to live more comfortable lives. This charity was nominated by our Social and Events co-ordinator Jess who has a family member living with the condition and really feels passionatley about making the lives of those with ME a little bit easier. The second charity is Young Minds - a charity whose mission is to ensure the best possible mental health support is available for young people so they are able to have the resilliances to over come life's challenges and (in the words of their ambassador Dan Howell) have the courage to exist. This charity was nominated by our co-president Sophia and voted for by the society as the money the raise helps make sure young people's mental health services run more effectivley and that the resources needed to teach mental health awareness are avilable to everybody who needs them. We are so excited for the show and cannot wait for everyone to see it! We will update this page when tickets are on sale and would also like to thank the following companies who have kindly donated prizes to our raffle: 

Experience Days: https://www.experiencedays.co.uk

Laser Zone Brighton: http://www.laserzone.co.uk/brighton/

The Fashion School: https://thefashionschool-uk.com/

About Balance: http://www.aboutbalancebrighton.com/

British Airways I360: https://britishairwaysi360.com/

Headmasters: https://www.headmasters.com/salons/brighton/

Salt Space: http://www.saltspace.co.uk/

The Tree of Life Intergrated Health Centre: http://www.tolcentre.com/

You can also find out more information about our two chosen charities here:




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