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{University of Sussex Consulting Group (USCG)}

USCG is a society formed by students, run by students, but here for businesses. We are a team of university students keen on enriching our education empirically, through the application of our knowledge on actual issues that businesses face today. 

Our purpose is two-fold.  On one hand, USCG aims to lend students an opportunity to hone and develop on their academic knowledge through consulting. On the other hand, we strive to provide business with reliable, creative and targeted solutions for their problems. In doing so, we hope to strengthen to relations between the local community and Sussex University. 

Many students wish they were more engaged by their academic curriculum, where they are challenegd to take the theories and knowledge learnt within the classroom and apply them in way that realises a significantly tangible social impact. How do we achieve this? We've got a solid business model and we work as a team on every aspect of the consulting process. 

The world is changing quickly, and USCG aims to prepare students better by exposing them to today's world of commerce. This sentiment gave birth to the mission that USCG is rooted on: To be the best platform where students and clients collaborate to derive solutions that result in meaningful social impact. 

At the USCG, you will be given the opportunity to take control of your professional and personal development, tailoring your university experience here to your ambitions and specialised fields. Whether or not you want to become a big-shot business owner, a data sheet wizard, a marketing genius, an app developer, a politician or a social reformer - we will have a role for you. 

We're USCG, and we're pleased to meet you. 


{ note to members who join through this page and missed our meet and greet sessions: please reach out via Facebook so we can start getting you involved (: }


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