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Friends of Free Syria

Sussex Friends of Free Syria is dedicated to the expression of solidarity with the Syrian revolution and the Syrian people in their continued struggle for freedom from the tyranny of the fascist regime of Bashar Al-Assad.

Much has happened since 2011 when the Syrian revolution first broke out; the initial protests calling for reform have since developed into a full-scale armed rebellion after being met with unspeakable brutality committed by Assad regime forces and its 'shabeeha' (or 'ghost') militias. Since then many other actors have entered the scene, often to the detriment of the Syrian revolution.

The Society seeks to: 

1) Offer a voice to the free men and women in Syria who continue to struggle and risk their lives fighting for justice, equality and dignity, and who have been largely forgotten amidst a deafening global silence.

2) Address and correct popular misconceptions about Syria which are rooted in Western-centrism and an excessive focus on high politics. Such discourses treat Syria as a black box and ignore its internal structure and dynamics. 

3) Draw attention to the plight of Syrian refugees and the lack of support offered to them by various governments.


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