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Not for profit, just for students

When you spend money with us at our shops and bars, you are helping fund and support the work the Students' Union does. The money you spend on buying tickets for our events, a burger at Falmer Bar or a hoodie at the Union Shop gets re-invested in supporting students; from funding your more than 200 sports clubs and societies, to supporting student-led campaigns to lobby the University, to helping provide help to those with academic and welfare concerns.

When you buy food in the Students' Union's bars and shops, you're helping fund the things that the Union does including helping people from lasting friendships. That cheeky chocolate bar you got from the Union Shop is helping build friendships through our sports clubs, societies and more. So go on, have another.

When you buy a burger from one of the Students' Union bars, you're helping our Buddy Scheme match new students with current students to help them get to know the University. That burger you devoured at lunch is helping students meet new people, make friends and settle into Sussex. Now that's guilt-free gluttony.

Buying a Sussex hoodie from the Union Shop helps fund the support the Union provides to the 220 societies students run here. Showing your support for Sussex University also helps support societies like DragSoc. So wear that hoodie with pride!


The Students' Union is run by students, for students, so we re-invest the money we make into making our services better for everyone. The money you spend with us doesn't go into filling the pockets of investors; it goes towards improving our bars and helping more students in their academic and personal life.

Find out more about how we re-invest your money and protect the environment.