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The Environmental Leaf

With this week being “Go Green” week – what better time is there to begin working towards the wellbeing and environmental leaf with your society?

Many of the societies on campus have already been awarded the leaf to celebrate their commitment to the well-being of their members and the wider environment.

As part of attaining the environmental leaf, societies have come together to work on projects that they feel passionate about and benefit their members, along with the community around them. For example, GeogSoc raised an astounding £144 for PAPYRUS, a charity which works towards preventing the suicides of young people. Sussex LGBTQ+ ran a stall on campus which promoted HIV testing, provided health resources and information, and sold things like red ribbons and cake to raise money for charity. The Sussex LGBTQ+ society also ran an event to help raise awareness of the mental health support available, which was so popular they hope to run similar events in the future!


The show choir have also recently completed their bronze environmental leaf, in anticipation of ‘Go Green’ week. As part of which they went busking to raise money for Survivors Network. 


Rachael, Show Choir president, enjoyed the experience of working towards the environmental leaf and recommends it to other societies considering working towards a new leaf:

What made you decide to get involved with the environmental leaf?

We wanted to be more environmentally friendly, especially coming up to green week, and the tasks were all quite easy to incorporate into our rehearsals!

What did you have to do to achieve it?

We worked our way through the sustainability checklist, appointed a welfare officer and fundraised for Survivor's Network in town. We are encouraging all our members to take part in Go Green Week!

Do you have a favourite/most memorable moment of working towards this leaf?

My favourite moment would be the response from Survivor's Network after telling them how much money we managed to raise for them. They were so grateful and it was so lovely to know we were making a difference.

Do you do anything differently now having completed the leaf?

Now we have completed Bronze, we are a lot more conscious about turning lights off after rehearsals and shutting down computers. We are also excited to fundraise for Survivor's Network again this term!


If you think your society would like to get involved with this leaf, visit the leaves reward scheme webpage for more information.



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