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Sussex Students Win for Living Costs for Refugee Scholarships

Sussex members of the national network Student Action for Refugees (STAR) have recently played an instrumental part in increasing the living bursary for refugee students on the Long Stayers Scholarship. Students will now receive £11,500 in addition to their tuition fee scholarship.

The students to thank for this positive action are Naomi Turner and Helena Alty (MA Human Rights), who visited Vice Chancellor Adam Tickell during his office hour to discuss their concerns. Tickell later agreed to increase the cash reward so that the Long Stayers Scholarship is fully comprehensive and accessible for all.

STAR is a national charity of 26,000 students welcoming refugees to the UK. The group do work such as volunteer at local refugee projects, campaign to improve the lives of refugees and educating people about the cause.                              

Naomi and Helena had this to say about the successful change to the scholarship:

We are so happy that Sussex is showing its commitment to providing higher education for those who have gone through such difficult circumstances that we can't even imagine.

Everyone should be able to fulfil their potential, and now two students will get that opportunity. We hope Sussex will continue to strive to be a frontrunner in supporting those who have sought asylum with their academic ambitions.

The deadline for applications for the Long Stayers Scholarship is 2nd July 2017, and as stated on the Sussex website, if you have not already applied to the university please check as to whether your course is still accepting applications.

Please email scholarships@sussex.ac.uk for any more information.


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