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Moving? Donate to the free shop


Are you moving off campus this weekend? Rather than send your unwanted bits to landfill, donate them to the free shop - a scheme to save the environment and provide new students with lots of free stuff. Last year we donated 41 crates of items to various charities and had 130 crates left for freshers to rummage through!

Crates are provided in the halls of residence by Sussex Estates and Facilities for your unwanted items. 

We take;

Kitchenware and household items/decorations - these items will be sorted and donated to new students in September via the Free Shop.
Toiletries and towels - these items will go to First Base, who will provide a morning shower and breakfast service to people living in Brighton. Unopened containers of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste etc and clean large towels can be accepted. Opened containers and razors cannot be accepted.
Food - drop off donations  in the separate crates marked for food donations. These will go to either The Real Junk Food Project or Fareshare. Full guidelines can be found here. 
Clothing - use the British Heart Foundation collection bins provided and drop off donations in the BHF marked collection boxes.

Please don't put the following items in any crates;

Knives, blades or sharp items - leave these in your kitchen
Bedding - please take these with you
Electrical items and hazardous waste e.g. paints, solvents, batteries - please leave these so that SEF can recycle them correctly. Batteries can be recycled at a collection point in Falmer House, which can be found at the top of the stairs to the first floor.
Chemicals, washing up liquid etc - Please leave these so that SEF can dispose of them appropriately. 

For a full list of what we can and can't take please see here.

Through summer, clean and usable items can be left on our permanent free shop shelves, found in the corridor outside Meeting Room 1.

Thank you!

If you have any questions please get in touch with environment@sussexstudent.com. 


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