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Tips for getting through the assessment period

Exams and Assessments

If you're submitting an essay, artefact or another kind of assessment this week, or sitting any exams or takeaway papers this month, staff and elected officers at the Students' Union would like to wish you the very best of luck. Here you can find useful information for submitting assessments, sitting exams at Sussex and tips for managing your wellbeing during this period.


Most students will need to submit assessments at your school office by a particular deadline. Your course handbook and Study Direct pages should display when your deadlines are, how many copies you should submit and where to find your school office.

Some courses also allow e-submission for particular assessments. Please contact your school office for more details.

How to submit assessments online

Please note late submissions may incur a penalty, with most schools operating a 5% deduction for submissions less than 24 hours late, a 10% deduction for submissions between 24 hours and 7 days late, and a capped mark/zero mark for submissions more than 7 days late. These penalties may vary or not apply if you have exceptional circumstances or a preexisting condition.


Please remember to bring proof of identification to any exams you're sitting. Photographic proof of identity is required for all exams. Your ID/Library card must be displayed on your desk at the start of each exam. Alternatively, passports and driving licences are acceptable. If your identity is not proven you will be asked to come to the Student Systems and Record Office where you will provide a handwriting sample before your work can be marked. If you fail to do so, you will receive a zero mark for each exam you attended without ID and an access block will be put on your IT account until the matter is resolved.

If you need a replacement ID card, you can get one from the Print Unit in York House on weekdays between 9:30am-12:30pm and 2:30-4:30pm. If you have ID card enquiries, please call 01273 87 3278.

Exceptional Circumstances

Exceptional Circumstances Claims (formerly known as Mitigating Evidence Claims) are in place to ensure that where more major life challenges affect your ability to study, the University can take your situation into account. Examples of Exceptional Circumstances may include (though are not limited to) long term or severe physical or mental illness, family bereavement, or natural disaster.

The Student Life Centre provide information about what counts as exceptional circumstances and how to submit a claim. They can also advice on lateness penalties, which you will be likely to come up against if you hand in work late.

It’s important to be familiar with the list of what does and doesn’t count as exceptional circumstances – for example, personal computer failure is NOT counted as exceptional circumstances, so make sure you back up all your work regularly!

If your ability to study has been affected by the flooding and extreme weather in Northern England or Scotland over the holidays, you might qualify for exceptional circumstances. Please contact the Student Life Centre if you think this applies to you.

Frequently asked questions about Exceptional Circumstances

Tips and Hints

Study Success at Sussex (S3) provide comprehensive advice on getting the most out of assessments at Sussex, including essays, dissertations, presentations and e-submissions.

Most people procrastinate from time to time, whether that's during study or in the world of work. LifeHacker have a great series of articles on managing procrastination and managing time effectively.

The mental health charity Mind have some good suggestions for all students on coping with academic work and exams, and where you may be able to access support if you need it.

The Students' Union support team are always here to help you if you need it, particularly with academic appeals or complaints. You can always contact the Students' Union's elected officers directly (particularly Rianna, Welfare Officer, Bethan, Undergraduate Education Officer, or Rose, Postgraduate Education Officer) if there is an issue regarding exams and assessments you think they should campaign on, or if you want to help with an academic issue affecting students.


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