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Student Awards: Societies Nominees

The Student Awards is a fantastic ceremony in which Students' union members get together to celebrate the amazing things students have done over the past academic year.

Societies represent such a cornerstone of student cooperation and participation with the Students' Union; bringing people together to help them enjoy a common interest or build towards a common goal. Through the devotion and hard work of students, many societies have brought a great deal of life and character to the student body. In this piece, we're celebrating those students who have made a really significant difference over the past year.

Read below for a taste of some of this year's amazing nominees for awards in the Societies category!

You can view all of the nominees over at sussexstudent.com/studentawards, and follow all the build-up as well as the action on the day by following the twitter hashtag #sussexawards


Best New Society.

This is an opportunity to reward one of the new societies for 2016/17 who have really made a positive impact within the campus community, bringing together students and providing various opportunities for students to get involved.


Drag Soc

“Since they have come to exist as a new society, they have been outstanding in the university. They've shown fresh next diversity, and channeled it through pure expression and acceptance. Never before has there been a more incredible society who show dedication to making a positive change to the lives of our students

They've already made an impact through their events despite only being set up this year.”


Travel Soc

“We have nominated Travel Society because they have been so proactive since they started up, organising a variety of socials and having a big presence on social media as well as putting together a great mini-site on sussexstudent.com to attract new members. They have a dedicated committee who have been to Society Toolkit sessions which has enabled them to collaborate with other societies and put on more events.”


Politics in Schools

“This society has single handedly designed, created and planned 6 workshops to hold in local secondary schools to teach young people about the basics of UK politics, including what are political parties, how to vote, the role of the media etc. They have been in contact with schools and this term are now doing workshops in two schools and assemblies in a few other schools.

In a nutshell, it’s like Role Models, but about politics and entirely run and organised by student volunteers who have so much drive and dedication to make this happen.”


Outstanding Society

This award is awarded to a society who have made an outstanding effort to include as many members as possible and have provided exceptional service to their members. The society members are dedicated, passionate and always friendly and have established a positive working relationship with the Students’ Union and/or other societies.


Show Choir

“In years past, Show Choir has received nominations for Most Outstanding society. This year, they've done such an amazing job of being an active, inclusive and generally wholesome society. The steps they've taken to be involved in the community with the events they put on and the charity work they do have inspired me personally to be a better person. I believe entirely that they are deserving of this award.”

“Show Choir committee is incredibly nice, encouraging and organizes such great events both for fundraising and socialising in SC, they do an amazing job!”


Sussex Swing

“It's a great society that makes everyone feel included. Guaranteed to cheer you up after a long day at uni. You have a brill time learning to dance and meeting new people.“

“This is the most inviting and friendliest society I have been to. They are so welcoming and every practise, class or social event is filled with laughter, craziness and fun. This is definitely an outstanding society.”


Geog Soc

“On the GeogSoc trip to Copenhagen which I just came back from I had an amazing time and made lots of new friends in first year that I get on really well with. This trip was organised by the committee who are also very friendly outgoing caring people who include all members of the society. My first year has been made by joining this society and it really should win the award for outstanding society! ????”

“This society has added so much to my university life! Love the international trips and all the committee members who try so hard to make every social enjoyable! Also love their stress busters, genuinely helped me get through third year!”


Most Improved Society

This is an opportunity to reward the society who has taken active steps this year to develop themselves, build on the successes and failures of previous years and/or worked to maintain the high standards of previous years in differing circumstances. They may have dramatically increased membership, developed new ideas or different events/activities or made necessary changes to the operational side of the society. This society is organised, operates smoothly and has established a positive working relationship with the Students’ Union.



“The president has had very good leadership in managing the committee and collectively they have boosted craft attendance, as well as organising better planning ahead of time to allow more creative crafts to take place.”

“Craft Society have  put in a great deal of effort to improve the running of their society and have given us, as members, lots of opportunities for different and interesting crafts each week.“


“The Italian society have worked really hard this year and have organised many different events and socials, collaborated with other societies including Spanish & Hellenic societies and have achieved 4 different Sussex Leaf Scheme awards in bronze & silver. They also arranged some charity fundraising events to raise £400 for the organisations supporting central Italy where several earthquakes hit in 2016 and got involved in Go Green Week and One World Week.”

Sussex Stop Aids

“Sussex Stop Aids Society have a passionate team of students behind it who have worked with the Terrance Higgins's Trust in Brighton to promote awareness of free HIV testing? days on campus? including hiring a bouncy castle and dressing as Easter bunnies! They also bought the Youth Stop AIDS Speaker Tour 2017 to Sussex, sharing the stories of young activists, each with their own unique perspective of living with HIV.”


Society Event of The Year

The event held by the society was the result of amazing team effort and the level of organisation that went into making the event a success was brilliant. The committee kept on top of everything and made a special effort to include everyone in their event. The event itself was enjoyable and overall, a great success.


DevSoc and Brighton and Sussex Friends of MSF - Global Health Conference 2016

“DevSoc managed to organise the first Sussex Global Health and Development Conference 2016. With over 50 speakers, and 200 attendees. It has now become an annual conference.”

“ Incredible event with a huge effort put into organization. Providing a solid foundation for following years. Great range of speakers over 2 days with vast amount of information shared with over 150 delegates. I thoroughly enjoyed the event as a delegate and learnt a lot.“


Christian Union - Got Questions?

“The Christian Union's 'Got Questions?' events week this February was outstanding - it looked like a lot to organise and the events were inclusive, fun and thought-provoking!“

“Because they put on a whole weeks worth of events that encouraged people to explore their ideas about life and Christianity freely. It covered a range of interesting topics and specificity ones that Sussex is interested in. Along with giving free food and great entertainment away all week!”


SASS - Diwali

“Diwali was the biggest it has ever been at Sussex and it allowed groups from all across the university to be involved. The society worked so hard to put the show on and give their audience a special experience”

“Diwali was one of the best event this academic year. The event had everything,  it had a traditional fashion show that had never happened before, Indian vegetarian food, traditional dancing and singing and an amazing after party. It not only promoted the colorful South Asian culture at Sussex but also celebrated the multicultural International environment we have at Sussex.”


Society Committee of the Year

This award is awarded to a society whose current success is the result of a set of devoted committee members who have worked incredibly hard to develop what the society can offer its members. They are a model of society success at Sussex and inspire other members to really develop their skills and get involved in everything they do. The society has worked with the Students’ Union to develop their society and have taken active steps to encourage participation.



“The SUDS committee are one of the most active and visible committees on campus. Committee members invest a huge amount of their time into the society which often goes with out recognition. The committee work hard both inside and outside of committee meetings to make sure that members of the society have the most positive experience possible.”

“Their commitment is unrivalled and they deserve to be recognised for the contributions they have made to Sussex and theatre on campus.“



“Sussex LGBTQ+ have pulled off some amazing stuff this year! This of course relates to the enthusiasm of our wonderful members and the support afforded to us by other societies, the union and the university, all of which has enabled the Committee to fulfill their individual roles with the passion and fervor which everyone has shown this year.”



“The Sussex Dance committee has really pushed to improve and  grow the society in 2016/17. All 16 members of the committee have shown a genuine commitment and effort to fulfilling and surpassing their responsibilities, and together as a team this has resulted in the society achieving some great things.”

“Dance society are always a pleasure to work with. Their committee are incredibly dedicated to trying new things and putting on events to grow and unite their society. They have been enthusiastic and have contributed a positive attitude towards Union activity this year.”


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