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New Year's resolutions 2015 - manage your money better

A new year has begun and you’ve resolved that you’re going to stretch that loan further. Here are some of our top tips on how to keep money in your pocket and still enjoy your time at the University of Sussex or BSMS.


Fun and Travel

  • Spending too much money on big nights out? Swap clubbing for sociable nights in, or take a trip to one of our bars such as The Globe, where you will find a wide selection of board games, regular film screenings and a fully-functional Nintendo 64. The Globe is located on Middle Street, right near the seafront. For Postgrads we have our weekly ‘Postgrads, it’s Friday’ event at Falmer Bar with 50p off of pints and for everyone we have our weekly SKINT events at East Slope Bar (Tuesday) and The Globe (Wednesday)
  • There are many fun things you can do for free in Brighton
  • Drop-in sessions are £1 through ActiveUS, and there are a wide variety of different things to get involved in, from battle badminton to bouldering. For very little money you can get fit and gain a fairly inexpensive hobby
  • Invest in a bicycle and swap out bus journeys for healthy cycling, it’s a great way of getting healthier and waking up in the morning; Brighton & Hove council have many resources online for cyclists
  • If you’re still taking the bus then we’ve made it cheaper by lobbying Brighton & Hove buses to introduce a £3 ticket that is available on the B&H app or in the travel store

Clothing and Other

  • Use our lettings agent, Sussex Student Lettings, to find your off-campus accomodation, we don't Sussex Student Lettingscharge students agency fees and so save you an average of £200 per person
  • We have a free shop, located in the corridor outside of meeting room 1, for many things; this includes clothing, household items and books.
  • Brighton has a thriving Freecycle community which you can use to pass on good condition items to other people and seek out useful household goods/furniture
  • Swap the high street for London Road/Brighton’s charity shops when you need to buy clothes, it’s a triple whammy of saving money, supporting charity and being more sustainable
  • We have gone profit-free on women’s sanitary products; these are now cheaper in the Union shop 
  • Look for a part-time job to help support you through your studies, you can find postings on the University’s careers websitewe also hire periodically or you can look in Brighton, just remember to check your rights and availability before agreeing to a post

Above all learn to budget, there are many tips, an online budget calculator, and access to 1:1 budget counselling through the Student Life Centre


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