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LGBTQ+ History Month Event Listings

LGBTQ+ History Month

LGBTQ+ History Month starts on the 1st of February, and the Students' Union alongside the LGBTQ+ Society have put together a great selection of events spanning the whole month. Check here for the full programme.


Week One

Mon 30th Jan – Room 76 Hangout – 6pm onwards – Room 76 - Sussex LGBTQ+ 

Wed 1st Feb – Coffee Morning – 1pm onwards – LGBTQ+ Student’s Room – Sussex LGBTQ+

Wed 1st Feb – Queersoc (discussion group) – 6-8pm – Fulton 214 – Sussex LGBTQ+ 

Thu 2nd Feb – Touch Rugby – Falmer Sports Complex – USSU

Fri 3rd Feb – Welfare Drop-ins – 3-4pm – Student Life Centre (G05) – Sussex LGBTQ+ 

Sun 5th Feb – Roast Dinner – 1pm onwards – East Slope Bar – Sussex LGBTQ+ 


Week Two

Mon 6th Feb – Faith Panel – 1-3pm – Jubilee G31 – Sussex LGBTQ+ 

Wed 8th Feb – Coffee Afternoon – 1pm onwards – LGBTQ+ Student’s Room – Sussex LGBTQ+ 

Wed 8th Feb – Film Screening ‘Jitters’ – Arts A02 – Film Appreciation Soc 

Wed 8th Feb – Queersoc – 6-8pm – Fulton 214 – Sussex LGBTQ+

Thu 9th Feb – Touch Rugby – USSU 

Thu 9th Feb – Cocktail Night – Falmer Bar – USSU 

Fri 10th Feb – Welfare Drop-ins – 3-4pm – Student Life Centre (G05) – Sussex LGBTQ+

Fri 10th Feb – Film Screening ‘Les Invisibles’ – 6pm onwards – Fulton A – Sussex LGBTQ+ 


Week Three

Mon 13th Feb – Uni v Uni Quiz – 6pm onwards – The Hive (Brighton Falmer Campus) – UoB LGBT+ and Sussex LGBTQ+ 

Mon 13th Feb – Dragsoc Opening Night – 7pm onwards – Room 76 - Dragsoc 

Tue 14th Feb – Crafternoon – 1-4pm – Campaigns Room – Sussex LGBTQ+ 

Tue 14th Feb – Poetry Night – 7-9pm – Room 76 – Sussex LGBTQ+ 

Wed 15th Feb – Coffee Morning – 1pm onwards – LGBTQ+ Student’s Room – Sussex LGBTQ+ 

Wed 15th Feb – Queersoc – 6-8pm – Fulton 214 – Sussex LGBTQ+ 

Thu 16th Feb – Touch Rugby – USSU

Thu 16th Feb – FOMO @ Revenge – 9pm onwards – Bar Revenge (Cub Revenge after 11pm) – Sussex LGBTQ+ and UoB LGBT+ 


Week Four

Mon 20th Feb – Open Minds – Room 76 – USSU 

Tue 21st Feb – Generations Panel – 1-3pm – Jubilee 155 – Sussex LGBTQ+ 

Tue 21st Feb – Asexual/Aromantic Meetup – 6pm onwards – Fulton 103 (this is exclusive to self-identifying Ace/Aro people) – Sussex LGBTQ+ 

Wed 22nd Feb – Coffee Morning - 1pm onwards – LGBTQ+ Student’s Room – Sussex LGBTQ+

Wed 22nd Feb - Queersoc – 6-8pm – Fulton 214 – Sussex LGBTQ+

Thu 23rd Feb – Touch Rugby – USSU

Thu 23rd Feb – Paris is Burning Screening – ACCA – USSU

Fri 24th Feb – Comedy Night – The Marlborough – USSU


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