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Fire alarm safety system for deaf students announced

Deaf Message Service sign Buildings where the Deaf Message Service is available will display this notice at the building entra

Hearing impaired students, staff and visitors can now opt into a text-messaging service to alert them when a fire alarm is going off in a building they might be in on campus. 

The Deaf Message Service from Fireco, known as DMS, allows you to connect to the University fire alarm system simply by sending a text message from your mobile phone. Once connected, you will recieve a notification by text message when the fire alarm for that building is activated. DMS has been installed in over forty buildings on the University campus, including Falmer House, East Slope Bar, the Library and most academic buildings. A full list of buildings can be found below with the relevant location codes.

Find location codes for buildings on campus

To activate DMS, simply send a text message with the relevant location code to 07797 870 999. For example, to recieve notifications of fire alarms in Falmer House, text UOSFH to 07797 870 999, following which you will recieve a reply confirming that you are connected. Please note you will need to send a separate text message for each building you want to recieve notifications for. Text messages are charged at your noetwork's standard rate and are included in 'free' text message bundles.

To stop notifications for a particular building i.e. a building you no longer use, text STOP followed by the location code e.g. STOP UOSFH. This will turn off notifications for that building only. To deactivate DMS i.e. if you leave Sussex, simply text the word STOP to be removed from the service.

Rianna, Welfare Officer, has been working with the University on accessibility for students with disabilities, including ensuring hearing impaired students can evacuate University buildings safely. Rianna said:Rianna, Welfare Officer

I'm glad the University have put students' safety first and on this occasion acted directly on feedback from hearing impaired students and staff in our community. There is of course still plenty to do, hopefully the next step is to introduce DMS to all campus halls of residence so hearing impaired students on campus can feel safe in their residences. I look forward to working with the University and Fireco to make improvements to the service and ensuring it is accessible to all hearing impaired students.

Pete Davies from Fireco oversaw the installation;

We're proud to be working in partnership with our local University and are glad to have provided what will be a vital service, not just for those with a hearing impairment, but also to make the jobs of those involved with estates management, fire safety and evacuation that little bit easier.

If you have any feedback on the Deaf Messaging Service or suggestions for future improvements, please contact Rianna on welfare@sussexstudent.com.


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