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Student Awards: Company Nominees

The Students' Union's shops and venues have long been immensely popular, and this is primarily down to the wide array of brilliant student staff who help run them. Here we celebrate those staff who have gone above and beyond what was expected of them; helping to really enhance the reputation of the Students' Union's commercial services.

Falmer Bar Staff Member of the Year

Alice Wright

“Alice always works extremely hard, and always goes that extra mile for a customer. Always motivated and always keeps a smile on her face even during stressful times. All round star who never hesitates to help out colleagues.”

Sandra Opielka

“Sandra always works super hard across all venues, providing excellent feedback to both management and colleagues alike - all while being bloody lovely to work with!”

Emily Jane Giles

“Emily has been a good addition to the team, quick to get stuck in and always quick to get jobs done.“

Union Shop Staff Member of the Year

Anna Sherwood

“She makes the shop environment such a great place to be in. She's always happy, chatty and hard-working. Will go out of her way to make the shop a great place to frequent and work.”

Alex Langrish

“Alex consistently pulls out all the stops, despite being a BSMS student and having a very hectic schedule. He manages to be the top supervisor and the top staff member, even when he's not on shift. His dedication to the Shop is heartening, as shown by his nomination for this award for the last two years in a row. I really can't imagine working at the Shop without him, or the Shop working without him!” 

Grace Kavanagh

“I would like to nominate Grace for this award because she is an outstanding member of staff who goes above and beyond the call of duty. Every time I go into the shop she remembers me from my last visit and asks questions about how I am doing and makes sure I am doing ok.“

Co-op Staff Member of the Year

Alex Bowler

“Alex is consistently a pleasure to work with, he makes every shift so much easier and always has a smile on his face. His good mood is infectious and he will always lift the mood of everyone on shift, Alex puts so much into working here and he really cares about both the people and the job.” 

Steph Coupland

“She keeps everyone’s moods high on a shift as well as getting the job done”

Lu Wright

“Lu is the most work orientated employee I have ever met. She is always determined to improve the coop and make sure it remains a happy and safe place to work. As a supervisor, she is always going the extra mile for the team she manages. If anyone is ever having a hard time at work, you can see she makes it her number one priority to provide the employee with help and/or resolve the problem where she can. Lu is always eager to learn more so that she can become better at her job every week. She is always a smiley and polite leader that gets stuck in and for these reasons she deserves to be recognised for her hard work.”

Shekinah Sumayod

“She is so hard working, kind and a pleasure to be around”

Alice McDonald

“Alice is a diamond. Super enthusiastic and encouraging at work and helps make a shift go quickly. She just gets the job done with no mucking about. Much like she does for the Women's football team! “

Hannah Jackson

“Hannah has been a hardworking, enthusiastic and happy member of staff whenever I have worked with her, her recent promotion to a supervisor has seen the continued hard work, if not harder, with determination, perseverance to get more done in an allotted time all efficiently while maintaining professionalism, enthusiasm while being a friendly supervisor to talk to and ask any queries.”

East Slope Bar Staff Member of the Year

Jamie Bond

“Jamie is an extremely hard-working and committed member of the team at East Slope - whether he is covering shifts last minute, keeping an eye on customers during Skint, jumping on during busy rushes to lend a helping hand or doing a bit of DIY, he always puts in 110% effort, and his dedication to work has earned him the respect of management and staff alike” 

Lewis Bright

Despite being bloody knackered from 'late nights' most of the time, this particular member of staff works relentlessly hard, covering shifts, cracking (slightly) funny jokes and pouring the perfect pints. 

Phoebe Hands

“Phoebe has pulled out all the stops at East Slope this year, working full time hours including some of our busier shifts such as Skint. Her experience in the bars has helped her become a natural team leader on most shifts, showing new staff the ropes and setting up for events with minimal supervision - plus she has kept the chalkboards looking great all year!” 

Globe Staff Member of the Year

Harry Mackie

“He is a great member of staff to have at The Globe. Customers and staff love him alike and he is an extremely hard worker, often taking on tasks without being asked and always happy to help. An all round lovely guy”

Connor Clark

Connor is a joy to be around and always extremely helpful. A great member of staff and he puts a lot of effort into his work- not only on the bar but also volunteering to be an SCF rep.

Oliver Kirkpatrick

Ollie is one of our newest members of the tea but has fit in extremely well. And a big thanks for always being happy to work on the downstairs bar... He may be the only one!

Events staff member of the year

Can Aniker

“Can works harder than any other member of staff in events! His energy and enthusiasm to see a task through efficiently is incredible. He always has solutions to problems that arise and is always willing to help out other team members even when he has a lot to do himself.”

Meg Dickson

“Meg consistently works extremely hard on every shift. No matter what job she is given, she always completes it full of energy with a smile on her face. She supports other members of the team when they are tired or stressed and puts others needs before her own every time. An absolute pleasure to work with!”

Victoria Lim

Great enthusiasm and friendliness, even late at night or in the rain, especially throughout Freshers.



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