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Celebrating student success at Student Awards

Earlier this month, we celebrated student success and awarded volunteers, campaigners and societies for making Sussex such a great place to be at the Student Awards. In a fun-packed evening at The Grand Hotel, hundreds of students recognised the amazing achievements of their peers and enjoyed live music from our very own Big Band.

A full list of winners can be found below:

Society Awards

Best New Society
This is an opportunity to recognise a new society who have made a positive impact on the campus community and provided a variety of opportunities for students to get involved. They have held regular activities and/or events/socials and have worked hard with the Students’ Union to improve things for their members and to get the society off the ground.

  • Liberate the Debate

Outstanding Society
This award is awarded to a society who have made an outstanding effort to include as many members as possible and have provided exceptional service to their members. The society members are dedicated, passionate and always friendly and have established a positive working relationship with the Students’ Union and/or other societies. This society has also been actively involved in fundraising and community activities and have had a positive impact within the campus community.

  • Show Choir

Most Improved Society
This is an opportunity to reward the society who has taken active steps this year to develop themselves, build on the successes and failures of previous years and/or worked to maintain the high standards of previous years in differing circumstances. They may have dramatically increased membership, developed new ideas or different events/activities or made necessary changes to the operational side of the society. This society is organised, operates smoothly and has established a positive working relationship with the Students’ Union.

  • RAG (Raising and Giving)

Society Event of the Year
The event held by the society was the result of amazing team effort and the level of organisation that went into making the event a success was brilliant. The committee kept on top of everything and made a special effort to include everyone in their event. The event itself was enjoyable and overall, a great success.

  • HackSussex - Hackathon

Society Committee of the Year
This award is awarded to a society whose current success is the result of a set of devoted committee members who have worked incredibly hard to develop what the society can offer its members. They are a model of society success at Sussex and inspire other members to really develop their skills and get involved in everything they do. The society has worked with the Students’ Union to develop their society and have taken active steps to encourage participation.

  • Christian Union

Student Media Awards

Content Award
Awarded to the student(s) who produced the most outstanding article, broadcast, show or video this year.

  • UniTV - UniTV Does Black Mirror: Transient

Innovation in Student Media
Awarded for a project, event or something otherwise that goes above and beyond the expectations of what Student Media can achieve. This could be addressing a technical challenge differently, changing the way something operates or an eye-catching promotional activity.

  • URF - 24 Hour Show

Written Article of the Year
This award recognises the most outstanding, and thought provoking written article of the year in our student newspaper; The Badger.

  • Long Read: Media and University have failed students on UCU strikes - Tom Robinson

Radio Show of the Year
This award is for an individual radio show on URF that has made the biggest impact with its audience. The show has variety, creative content and is enjoyed by its listeners.

  • The GATT Show

Video Content of the Year
This award recognises creative content within a Uni TV video. Stock footage, stills, animation, stop-motion and other techniques will all been taken into consideration when selecting the winner for this award.

  • UniTV: Freshers Week Coverage

Sports Awards

Most Improved Club
Awarded to the sports club who have shown greatest improvement in results, memberships and attitude throughout 2017/2018.

  • Netball

Sports Event of the Year
Awarded to a club which put on a well planned and well attended event or trip in 2017/2018.

  • Dance

Sports Moment of the Year
Awarded to the club who has had the best sporting moment of the year, whether that be a great result on the pitch, an event which brought all the club together or a fantastic achievement.

  • Pole Fit

Sports Club Committee of the Year
Awarded to the committee who have delivered above and beyond by working as a team and showing real leadership to help their club stand out in 2017/2018.

  • Rugby Women

BUCS Team of the Year
This award is presented to the team who have achieved all out glory in their BUCS league and cups this year. Please note - nominations for this award can not be made via the nominations form.

  • Volleyball Women 1st

Club of the Year
Awarded to the sports club who have shown they've got the lot! Everything from achieving great results to staging fantastic socials and innovative fundraisers in 2017/2018.

  • Rugby Men

Get Involved Awards

Sussex Leaf Scheme
This award goes to the Society, Media Outlet or Sports Club who have worked together as a committee to show they are focused on continual development and offer a wide range of events and opportunities for their members. They have shown how their participation in the Leaf Scheme has helped improve their members experience and made a big impact on their group. Please note - nominations for this award can not be made via the nominations form.

  • SMuTS (Sussex Musical Theatre Society)

Contribution to Student Media
For an individual writer, broadcaster, editor, committee member or someone otherwise involved with student media who has gone the extra mile.

  • Chareen Wu - UniTV

Contribution to Societies
This individual has been a key figure in the success and development of their society, putting in hours of hard work for the benefit of their fellow students. Being an inspiration to others, this student has shown loyalty, dedication and passion towards their society and its’ members.

  • George Marino - SMuTS (Sussex Musical Theatre Society)

Contribution to Sport
Awarded to the individual who has delivered above and beyond in 2017/2018 by performing individually in sport whilst being an inspirational team player and role model both on and off the field.

  • Max Ross (Rugby Men)

Contribution to Campaigns
This award recognises an individual contribution to Union campaigns; showing innovation, commitment, and dedication to creating positive changes for Sussex students. This student has been involved in a number of areas of campaigning, and has always brought enthusiasm and passion to campaign meetings.

  • Veronica Heney

Contribution to the Buddy Scheme
This individual has made a significant difference to their Buddy’s time at Sussex; being committed and dedicated to supporting them and have gone out of their way to help them settle into University life.

  • Megan Stapleton

Contribution to the Language Cafe
This individual has a clear passion for language learning, displaying enthusiasm and commitment to helping others develop their language skills; taking the initiative in a student led environment and helping to create a positive atmosphere at the cafés.

  • Liz Alcock

Contribution to the Role Models Project
The Role Models team wants to acknowledge this individual as someone who has dedicated themselves to The Role Models Project, showing commitment and passion both within the team and in working to empower young people. They have challenged themselves, and may have pushed themselves to overcome some serious obstacles in the process of their contribution to the project. They are a key member of the Role Models family and we all want to thank them for their hard work and community spirit.

  • Hannah Fay

Contribution to the Students' Union Ambassadors
This individual has been welcoming and informative about Students' Union events, campaigns, elections, services and volunteering opportunities. As advocates for the Students' Union they demonstrated their enthusiasm, passion and dedication to their role and to the team and went above and beyond to help students during Freshers Week and throughout the academic year.

  • Feven Damtew

Contribution to the Good Night Owls Project
We would like to acknowledge this individual for for being dedicated to the success of the Good Night Owl scheme, shown enthusiasm for developing their knowledge in welfare issues and has a passion for helping vulnerable students who need assistance during the night time economy on Wednesday nights.

  • Robbie Bailey Caulfield

Campaigns and Representation Awards

Outstanding Contribution to Student Representation
This award is for any student in a representative role, including elected Part-time and Representative Officers, Union Councillors, members of representative groups and any other representative roles, who have made an outstanding contribution to representing the needs and interests of the students they represent.

  • Ankush Singh

Student Rep Achievement Award
This is an opportunity to reward a Student Rep who has not only represented the needs and interests of the students they were elected to represent but has also achieved a change as a result that has positively benefited the students in their cohort and/or the wider university community.

  • Cyril Babeev

Student Rep Commitment Award
This is an opportunity to reward a Student Rep who has shown commitment to their role and to the Student Rep Scheme. It recognises a Rep who has attended and contributed to a range of Rep, School and Students’ Union events, and worked towards creating positive change for their students.

  • Feven Damtew

Outstanding Student-Led Campaign
This award recognises the value and importance of autonomous student-led campaigns and seeks to highlight campaigns that are innovative, make good use of research and evidence to back their arguments and seek to deliver real impact that will result in positive change either on campus, locally, nationally or internationally.

  • Fossil Free Sussex

Staff Awards

Falmer Bar Staff Member of the Year
Awarded to the staff member who has made a significant impact with their work at Falmer Bar and Room 76.

  • Rachel Robb

East Slope Bar Staff Member of the Year
Awarded to the staff member who has made a significant impact with their work at East Slope Bar.

  • Lily Smith

The Globe Staff Member of the Year
Awarded to the staff member who has made a significant impact with their work at The Globe.

  • Sandra Opielka

Union Shop Staff Member of the Year
Awarded to the staff member who has made a significant impact with their work at the Union Shop.

  • Marianna Savva

Co-op Staff Member of the Year
Awarded to the staff members who have made a significant impact with their work at the Coop.

  • Aleyna Akin
  • Steph Coupland

Students' Union Charity Staff Member of the Year
This is awarded to the student who has made a significant impact in their role within the Students’ Union charity departments. From delivering great customer service, to working effectively as part of a team, this person has shown great contribution to improving the student experience in a positive way. This person has been a member of the Events team, the Information Point, the Activities and Engagement team, Campaigns and Representation, or as part of our Central Services.

  • Sam Durrant
  • Anton Dusak

Community Volunteering Awards

Community Volunteering
This award is to acknowledge an individual student for their contribution in the local community through their commitment to volunteering with community organisations. We recognise that Sussex students get involved in projects which make a difference in the local community whether they are working with people, animals or the environment, students have a positive impact on services that are being provided in Brighton and Hove.

  • Ellie Ball - RISE volunteer

Outstanding Contribution to the Students' Union

  • Feven Damtew

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