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‘As reps we listen to the student voice and any concerns that students have to provide a unified student voice to the faculty and University management. We make sure the university is hearing what you have to say and that they are aware of anything going well or needing improvement.’ - Omar, 3rd year Biomed Rep.

Every year over 300 students have the chance to represent students as their Student Reps. These Reps listen to what students have to say and work with staff at the Students’ Union and the University to make sure that students have a voice in the decisions that impact them. 

Reps achieve things both big and small. These range from changing temperatures in lecture theatres when it’s too hot, to asking lecturers to provide handouts, to working with staff to improve canvas sites, to meeting with University management to discuss provisions for international students in counselling and working with them on accessibility on campus. 

As well as the chance to make a change at Sussex, being a Student Rep is a great opportunity to gain skills that will help you when looking for a job, such as leadership and communication. It’s also a chance to meet students from across campus at our termly Student Rep socials!

If being a Student Rep sounds like something you want to be a part of, applications are open now All you have to do is head to sussexstudent.com/studentreps and write 100 words as to why you’d make a great Student Rep. After that the students on your course will vote on who they want to represent them, easy!



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