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Being a Student Rep builds confidence

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Following on from a recent survey of 2018/2019 Student Reps, results show that 80% of Reps agreed or strongly agreed that their confidence had improved as a result of being a Student Rep, with 77% agreeing that it also improved their professionalism and leadership skills. 

Not only that, but over 70% of students also felt an improved sense of community as a result of being a Rep and 85% felt that their role had a Rep improved their ability to communicate with University staff. 

Being a Student Rep is an excellent way to meet new people, get to know better how your school and University works, and gain loads of skills and experience which will help you when looking for jobs. 

Every year at Sussex over 300 students are elected as Student Reps. These students collect feedback from their peers, and present it to the University and attend meetings and committees across the University to make sure that student opinions are being heard, and that students are having a say in the decisions that impact them. 

Reps also receive training in how to undertake their roles, as well as having the chance to attend socials and networking events throughout the year. They can also take part in the Student Rep Award which allows Reps the chance to win up to £60 in vouchers, as well as receiving LinkedIn references and badges. 

If you think that being a Student Rep sounds like something you might be interested in you can sign up here to be the first to know when applications reopen in September! 


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'As reps we listen to the student voice and any concerns that students have to provide a unified student voice to the faculty and University management. We make sure the university is hearing what you have to say and that they are aware of anything going well or needing improvement.'


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