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Summer Officer Reports

Over the Summer, your elected Officers have been working towards progressing on their priorities and manifesto points.

Here is a summary of what each Officer has been getting up to!


Frida -  President

Frida has been working hard this term with different student groups on lots of different issues. This has included lobbying for improvements to public transport, addressing issues with student housing, working with student groups who want to make sure students can have the best nights out,  and working to improve and advertise the student study spaces on campus. 

Frida has also been working closely with students with parking issues, and lobbying the University to ensure their parking policy affects students and staff equally.


What progess has been made on annual priorities and manifesto points?

  •  Northfield Bar is launched, and Falmer Bar has been renovated!
  •  Frida has persuaded the University to explore options of alternative bus transport to campus


Becky - Activities Officer

Becky has been working with the societies committee has been approving lots of funding for different society welcome events & trips.  Lots of new societies have also been approved (28!)  including the Nordic Society, Fashion society and the International Cuisine Society!

Becky has also secured funding for ambulances to be at the sports complex for sports fixtures on Wednesdays, which is a great achievement!


What progess has been made on annual priorities and manifesto points?

  •  Becky has been working hard on getting Wednesday afternoons free from academic studies for all students by listening to and collating your feedback to take to university management.
  • Becky has had meetings with Brighton Sport, Brighton SU and Sussex sport on how we are going to bring back Varsity, and are in the process of confirming fixtures!


Ella - Undergraduate Education Officer:

Ella has helped to mobilise the Decolonise Sussex student campaign by creating promotional materials, running the freshers stall and organising two great meetings which were very well attended.

Ella has also written a brief to take to the PVC for Education and Students to help set up a Decolonising Modules Program, with the aim of students and staff working collaboratively to decolonise different modules!


What progess has been made on annual priorities and manifesto points?

  • Ella has set up a promotional campaign for study and informal spaces on campus at a centralised University level so students all have equal access to this information
  • She has also attended various meetings with University management about the BME attainment gap, resulting in the setting up of a working group to tackle this issue which will have student representation.


Sarah - Postgraduate Education Officer

Sarah has been attending lots of commitees this term, including the  Exam and Assessment Regulations Sub-Committee,Teaching and Learning Committee & Doctoral Studies Committee.

Sarah also attended National Union of Students SU conference & Southern Unions Conference where she got to speak to lots of different Student Unions and gain great ideas about how to improve things here at Sussex.


What progess has been made on annual priorities and manifesto points?

  • Sarah has been working on setting up peer-led support in Support and Advocacy, by working in collaboration with the Support and Advocacy team to plan a meaningful volunteer scheme.
  • Sarah has also been working on postgrad mental health and has supported Becky the activities officer in her research into postgraduate timetabling on Wednesdays to lobby for Wednesday afternoons to be free for all students.


May - Welfare Officer

May has worked hard to push the university to change their name change policy to make it easier for students. As a result, students can now change their name with an unenrolled deed poll.

May has also pushed for the university to sign the Stand Alone Pledge to support estranged students here at Sussex. 


What progess has been made on annual priorities and manifesto points?

  • May has been working on making the Peer Support Network a long lasting scheme, and as a result the running of the Peer Support Network has now been embedded into the job description of the university staff coordinator. This will hopefully help ensure future continuation of the scheme.
  • Free Wednesdays has been launched! May has successfully got funding for the drug-testing kit scheme so that drug testing kits can be handed out each Wednesday, and a 'take-one-leave-one' scheme has started with Free Periods where The Red Box Project give donated sanitary products to local schools.


Aisling - Society and Citizenship Officer

Aisling has attended lots of  university committees and meetings including Health, Safety and Environment Committee and Environmental Forum.

She has also been working hard to support students with their housing issues, and advocated for students who have been unhappy with their accommodation.


What progess has been made on annual priorities and manifesto points?

  • Aisling has been working with the university to get volunteering accredited on your degree!   A new volunteering module is also being launched with Education and Social Work to be taken as an elective.
  • Aisling also met with Sussex Estates and Facilities to work on getting recycling and compost facilities installed in every campus accommodation.


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