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Student Awards: Student Media Nominees

The 2016/17 academic year has been one of great innovation and amazing creativity for Student Media. U.R.F, UniTV and the Badger have all been experimenting with different formats, new equipment and cutting-edge content ideas that have worked to best demonstrate the brilliant minds of the students involved. Read on to see who has been nominated for an award in this year's Student Media category!

Content Award

Awarded to the student(s) who produced the most outstanding article, broadcast, show or video this year.

The Badger: Series of reports on the Teaching Excellence Framework and university fees.
“Tom Robinson and Luke Richards from The Badger's News team have worked tirelessly on what has now become a series of reports on the Teaching Excellence Framework and university fees. The aim has been to report on the issues at hand to shed as much light as possible on them - starting off with Tom Robinson's articles on the nature of TEF (including this one when Sussex University announced it would be joining TEF despite SU and broad student opposition - http://thebadgeronline.com/2016/12/sussex-joins-tef-despite-opposition/) and culminating in intensive investigative work undertaken by Luke Richards with the help of Badger Editor Freya Marshall Payne. The investigative work focused on the nature of TEF and exactly how it was going to allow Sussex to raise fees. The Badger dug deeper when fee hikes were announced at Sussex (the latest story here: http://thebadgeronline.com/2017/02/tuition-fees-rise-fiasco-tef-sussex/). The paper took it upon itself not to remain complacent, and for this the reporters who worked on the stories - chiefly Luke Richards and Tom Robinson - would be the ideal candidates for a content award.

This is informative, intensely-researched work, and the stuff of true News journalism.”

UniTV Does Black Mirror: Beautiful Corps
“The 'UniTV Does Black Mirror: Beautiful Corps.' production pushed UniTV's quality to the furthest it has been before.
The project involved the collaboration of over 30 students to work on the four month long project, giving students the opportunity to work as a professional production team in all stages of the film's development; including pre-production teams, production roles, cast and crew.
Once the film was completed, it was advertised, screened on campus with a great turn out and mass marketed by the marketing team to share across multiple social medias.
The film itself was written to reflect how cosmetic companies market appearance, demonstrating how media truths can't be taken at face value.”


URF: Nick & Sam Take On The World
Nick & Sam Take On The World is a show that has been a part of URF for 2 years now and is hosted by two ex-exec members who are coming to the end of their time at Sussex. 
“Nick & Sam will be playing all the best indie, punk, lo-fi, alternative and experimental music every week while filling the gaps with inane chatter. As 'award winning' veterans of student radio and a deep library of artists to dig through and present, they've proven repeatedly that their show is an essential listen for any fans of indie and experimental music, displaying both local artists and internationally famous artists alike.”
Over their time at Sussex they’ve had many guests and live sessions on the show, and have also started a weekly show on local Brighton radio station 1BrightonFM.

Innovation in student media

Awarded for a project, event or something otherwise that goes above and beyond the expectations of what Student Media can achieve. This could be addressing a technical challenge differently, changing the way something operates or an eye-catching promotional activity.

URF - DJ Equipment In The Studio
“They are fully booked ALL THE TIME with shows!
They have bought some DJ decks and Finn and others did a fabulous job in creating some innovative stands for them out of recycled material.
They now hold DJ classes, with students paying to attend in order to help cover the cost of the equipment.
This has made URF even more popular.”


The Badger - US Elections Live Blog
“The Badger's work with live blogs, especially The Badger's coverage of the US election. The paper's work on covering the election combined a special themed edition, with content centered around american culture, politics and lifestyle and a dedicated 4-page supplement explaining the election process and what students could expect to see on election night.
 On the night itself, The Badger live blogged the election from East Slope Bar, documenting how the student community at Sussex was reacting as well as relaying the events of the night in an accessible way tailored for Sussex students to understand. This was a highly coordinated innovative way to combine the traditional print form of a newspaper and update it for the digital age with live coverage, and The Badger should be recognised for its ability to build on traditional print media through use of new technology, all the while without letting the basics slip. 
This consistent innovation in new and traditional newspaper media is noteworthy, and highly creative.”


UniTV - Brighton Food Hunt
Brighton Food Hunt is a really fun project that lots of different students have had the chance to get involved and bring to life. The presenters are engaging and watching the programmes made me really want to try the food!


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