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Officer briefing | Latest responses from University Management

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Thursday, 21 May

Today in their daily meeting with the University, your Officer team discussed the following:

  • Officers asked management to waive the fee students would have to pay to defer completing their final assessment. The University said they would look into this further.
  • Following feedback from PGR students, the Officers asked for there to be more regular, central communications covering the concerns of research students. The University said that this will be happening soon. 
  • The Officer team asked if there was being work done to support international students who will now be starting their job search in their home country as opposed to the UK. The University team said that the Careers and Employability Centre is currently looking into ways they can advertise international job opportunities. 
  • Officers asked if there was a possibility for the University to sign up to the Student Health app in order to make it easier for students to access local health services.

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